About Generations Homecare System

Integrated Database Systems (IDS) is a privately held registered corporation in the state of Michigan, USA. Generations Home Care System is a registered trademark of IDS. IDS is focused exclusively on the homecare market. Our flagship product, Generations Homecare System, is used by over 800 agencies.

In 2002, we released our first product named Schedule Logistics, which was an entry level scheduling and management solution for the private duty homecare industry. Schedule Logistics quickly gained momentum due to its ease of use, and the outstanding customer service we provided with it. In late 2003 we released Generations Homecare System, the successor to Schedule Logistics. Generations incorporated many new features including an industry-leading interface with QuickBooks, Mapping and Routing, and Plan of Care.

In 2007 Generations Homecare System was overhauled and version 6.0 was released. Many new groundbreaking features were added including capabilities to e-mail, text message, interface with Outlook, access over the web, and run multiple locations out of a single database.

In 2010, the online version of Generations Homecare System was released bringing the power of Generations to the web. Using Generations, users can access all their data using a standard web browser and over a variety of platforms and mobile devices. Today, Generations continues to evolve with frequent releases packed with new features designed to help agencies manage their businesses effectively.

Listening to customer suggestions and needs while incorporating those into Generations, continues to play a large part in our success.