Comprehensive Reporting

for Homecare Agencies


Simplify and streamline reporting for your homecare agency with Generations.

Generations Homecare System features many built-in reports for essential operations reporting, including:

Quality Assurance

Agency administrators can view survey ratings by shift or as an accumulation of ratings over time to monitor for quality assurance and gain referrals by using the Quality Assurance Rating Report.

Supervisory Visits

Clinicians can keep records of their supervisory visits to ensure great care, improve client satisfaction, reduce readmissions and help agencies gain referrals. Schedule supervisory visits with care recipients and their caregivers, and run Generations Caregiver Supervisory Visits Reports for a complete picture of the care you provide.

Office Communications

Generations Call Center helps offices run smoothly and keep all documentation of office communications in one area for quick reference. You can also run reports by customized note types/tags.

Care Notes

Care Notes users can paint a complete clinical picture of their clients for every single visit. Should a homecare agency wish to view any missing care notes by shift, agency administrators can access reports for a global view of Care Notes.

Billing and Payroll Reporting

Includes over 100 pre-designed reports to cover all elements of your business, plus a custom report writer.

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