Customer Support

Get technical help anytime. The experienced Generations support team offers unlimited customer support via Live Chat and telephone — with no hidden fees.

Our homecare software comes with unlimited support and one-on-training to help homecare agencies of all sizes make the most of their software and scale up successfully. 

Live Chat Customer Support

The Live Chat functionality instantly connects you online with a team member at our headquarters in Michigan. This makes it easy to reach out for help and troubleshooting. 

Customer Support by Phone

Our team is based in Michigan and standing by the phones to talk through any issues and provide support. 

Unlimited Customer Support in Action

My trainer has been very patient with me as my business has slowly ramped up…Several people within the Generations team have reached out to see if I needed help and the support has been uplifting.

Starting a business is hard. Having people in your corner is important.

Tim Higgins, Neeny Holdings, Inc

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