Generations Homecare System FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What problems will Generations solve for my agency?
A: Generations helps agencies deliver the highest quality of care, enhancing your reputation. Caregivers and administrators work more efficiently while gaining better control of the business. Your compliance and security are enhanced while automating tasks such as scheduling, billing, and payroll are easy to setup, learn, use, and maintain.
Q: What differentiates Generations?
A: Generations is easy to use with an intuitive UI. Upon signup, we assist your agency with importing data and assign you a dedicated trainer and customer success manager to ensure implementation goes smoothly. Because Generations is hosted in the cloud, it is easy to get up and running quickly and is available instantly from any networked device. Unlimited support is provided with 99% of phone and Live Chat support requests answered with no wait time.
Q: How can Generations help my agency deliver high quality of care?
A:  A few examples include matching caregiver skills to client needs, tracking compliance with prescribed treatments and wellness outcomes, recording all visits and interactions with clients, and recruiting quality caregivers.
Q: How does Generations  telephony and GPS verification work?
A: Generations Visit Verification consists of telephony and GPS verification. Both can be used alone or together and include missed visit alerts, integrated care plans, client wellness alerts, charting, and caregiver messaging.
Q: How can Generations help my agency work more efficiently?
A: Schedules are generated logically, caregivers are properly equipped to meet the client needs, time is not wasted on paperwork, payroll and billing are managed automatically, and all vital information is at your fingertips.
Q: What software does Generations integrate with for billing and payroll?
A: QuickBooks integration is supported for both QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online and works with invoices, timesheets, estimates, creating bills, and importing/exporting of list items such as customers, employees, and vendors. CMS1500 and UB04 can be used for billing Medicaid and other programs. Additionally we have other payroll and billing exports for integration with ADP, Paychex, and more.
Q: How does the licensing work?
A: Licensing is based on the number of simultaneous office users. Additional per visit charges apply when using visit verification.
Q: Does Generations work with franchises?
A: We work with many of the larger national franchises as well as new franchises. We can provide the master franchise with a state of the art dashboard and reporting system. Contact us for more information.
Q: How do I obtain system updates and how often are they released?
A: With Generations system updates are automatically applied. Major releases are typically done quarterly and minor releases as required.
Q: Can I use Generations with multiple locations / offices?
A: Yes, multiple locations can be setup, secured, and reported on even if they are in different time zones.
Q: How do you ensure my data is backed up and protected?
A: Please refer to our security statement.
Q: How can we be HIPAA compliant?
A: As a business associate we are required to follow the HIPAA security and privacy requirements and have policies and procedures in place for compliance. We also provide you with a business associate agreement which outlines each areas responsibilities.
Q: What is the difference between hosted, browser-based, and smart-client?
A: Generations is browser-based, which gives you access the application over a standard web browser and ensures compatibility with different devices including PC's, Mac's, tablets, and smart phones. Web browsers are inherently designed for accessing data over the web and provide the best performance.

Smart-client or hosted applications do not use the web browser. There were popular technologies that were prevalent before browser technology was sufficiently advanced. The main disadvantages with the smart-client /hosted approach is the requirement to maintain and update software on their own PCs and limited or no mobile capabilities.