Generations Home Care System on Mac
The Future of Homecare Management
A mobile solution designed to securely manage your clients, your caregivers, and the services your agency provides. More than homecare, Generations is responsive care.
Generations Homecare System on Mobile Devices
Streamline Your Scheduling Practices
Generations Homecare System Scheduling Views
Convenient Schedule Views
Monthly, weekly, and grid views are available to meet your scheduling needs.
Generations Homecare System Caregiver Search
Best Matches
Search tools and classification options ensure you staff the best caregiver for each open shift.
Generations Homecare System Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Grant schedule access to clients and caregivers via the portal and mobile apps.

Generations Telephony & Wellness

Generations Telephony includes real-time visit verification, no show alerts, documented visit notes, integrated care plans, client wellness alerts, and caregiver messaging. Caregivers with smart phones can utilize all the features including visit verification with GPS on their device.

Best Care Is Responsive Care
Generations Homecare System Responsive Care
Real-time verification of services
Generations Homecare System Wellness Monitoring
Client wellness monitoring & alerts
Generations Homecare System Accurate Billing and Payroll
Accurate billing & payroll
Generations Home Care System Scheduling
With Generations, Time Is On Your Side
Accurate Billing & Payroll
Generations QuickBooks Interface
Seemless transition
Interfaces and exports work with your current billing & payroll systems, such as Quickbooks, ADP, Paychex, and CMS 1500.
Long Term Care Insurance Billing
Flexible & adaptable
Options for billing long term care insurance, Medicaid waiver programs and other third party payers.
Overtime and holiday calculations
Accurate & Automated
Holiday and overtime calculations, as well as built in alerts.
Generations reporting and analytics
The Generations Call Center
Communication central for all activities surrounding clients and caregivers.
Generations Homecare CRM
Keep reporting efficient and accurate with note classifications.
Generations Homecare Customer Relations Management
Stay on top of follow ups, and keep everyone in the loop.