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Testimonials for Generations Homecare System

Client Testimonials

We believe that there is no better selling tool than hearing from the actual people that use the product. Below you'll find some testimonials from Generations users. We also recommend you check our White Papers page.
"I am happy to recommend Generations. We have used it for six years and it has served us well. I am very happy with the online version. When our server crashed a couple of weeks ago, we didn't lose a beat. Our server was down for five days, but Generations wasn't affected at all."
Homewatch Caregivers
"We've used Generations Homecare system for more than five years to process billing and payroll information for our multiple offices. We have been very pleased with the system and we have received excellent support from Generations when we had occasion to need it.I can recommend the company and it's software without hesitation. "
August Home Health Care
"We have been using Generations for over 4 years now. It is an outstanding product that has completely revolutionized our home care business. We initially started with the software version, but have recently moved to the online application. We can't be more thrilled with the product. It's incredibly versatile and allows us to manage our staff and clients with ease. As good as the product is, the support staff is even better. Any issues are resolved quickly and professionally. "
Granny Nannies
"We have used Generations for 5 years and we really like it. It is a stable and reliable software platform designed specifically for the private duty industry. Lance and his team are always quick to respond to any questions we have. I recommend Generations as a nicely priced solution for any home care business. "
Senior Helpers
"I am delighted to recommend Generations Homecare System! I have used the software for several years and find it to be easy to use, efficient and comprehensive. By using this system, I am confident that we are compliant with our requirements for state licensure due to the tools it offers us to manage our human resource needs. The software also makes billing easy and fast. This software has reduced our billing time from days to hours! "
Visiting Angels
"We here at Homewatch CareGivers have been using Generations for a number of years and are VERY satisfied with the software. It's easy to use, always accurate, and extremely useful. Its a powerful tool, and we would not be able to live without it. Lance and Lisa and the entire Generations team are a terrific support and are always most helpful."
Homewatch Caregivers
"We have happily been using Generations Homecare System since 2007. This is a superb product with exceptional customer service. The product is very easy to use and simple to learn. Generations interfaces easily and efficiently with QuickBooks thus making billing and payroll flow smoothly. My schedulers love the ease of scheduling using Generations! I have never had any regrets since the day I purchased this product! I strongly recomment it to anyone."
A Little Help
"Generations software is the only scheduling software we will ever use. It is very easy to use and it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Their online support is extremely helpful and extremely patient. It works with Quickbooks and telephony programs without a hitch. "
Homewatch Caregivers
"I have used the Generations for the over 5 years, and I've been impressed with their customer service and support. We used their computer based version, and now use their online version. It's been great, and I encourage anyone in home care to consider using them!"
Visiting Angels
"We have been using Generations for almost 5 years now, both the local and now the on-line version and absolutely love the product! Great service and support, easy learning curve and great billing/payroll functions that integrate easily with QuickBooks! I've used other products and this by far is the easiest to use! "
Visiting Angels
"Right Away Home Staffing Inc. has been using Generations Homecare System for over 7 years. We use it for all of our scheduling, client and staff information. It is a fantastic program and has worked wonderfully for us. It is extremely user friendly, allows for quick access to all information and makes scheduling a breeze. I would highly recommend this product. "
Right Away Home Care
"We have been using Generations for over 3 years and couldnt be happier with it. Web Based platform is also great for clients and caregivers to check schedules. We don't need to use tech support much but they have great people who are happy to help."
Homewatch Caregivers
"When I purchased Generations Homecare System to use for my scheduling system I knew nothing about the system. The training was excellent, the technical support is super. I love the live chat, you can communicate your problem immediately and usually get the answer before you stop the live chat. The support tech are very friendly and always willing to help. I have used the Generation System since June 2009, it is a very user friendly, the reports are great. If there is something you would like to see changed or added, Generation is very good about adding it to their system improvement list. Use the online version, it is faster and the most updated"
Visiting Angels
"Four and a half years ago when I was a new franchise owner my phone started ringing with fabulous offers to make my business run smoother, faster, and less complicated. While I was hoping for a call from a prospective client, since I had none, the phone continued to ring. Offers and promises abounded from copier sales people, to credit card processing plans. I did not have a need for any of those, becauseā€¦I didn't have any clients. Finally the day came when my marketing paid off, and I had my first client. Then I had two, soon, five. Up until then, I had no need for a scheduling program to keep my clients and caregivers straight, although in the numerous phone calls I had received offers from scheduling program companies. I contacted several of the franchisees who had been in business for a while. They referred me to a company I had not heard from. The name of the company was Generations. I tried a test drive of Generations and two other scheduling programs. When it came down to choosing, I had two solid reasons for choosing Generations. One, was recommendations from satisfied long-term users. The second was the patient and helpful way the staff at Generations helped us learn the system. Step-by-step we processed client input, and caregiver data. Although the operations person on the other end of the phone line must have been through this hundreds of time with other prospective customers, she treated us as though our concerns and questions were fresh and original. In other words, we felt respected and valued. Respected and valued. It still describes my relationship with Generations today. What I have found over the years that the flashy "bells and whistles" type offers don't often pan out to be that great in reality. Once the sale is made, the customer is on their own. With Generations I have found that the customer service after the sale is every bit as good as the interest in me and my business was before the sale. In my own business I have learned that customer service is everything. Generations provides me and my employee's exceptional assistance and customer service consistently. In addition to having a great product, they know how to treat their customers in a way that makes us feel special and makes them truly exceptional."
Visiting Angels
"Generations has truly simplified our processes. Its integration with QuickBooks and Telephony has increased our productivity from certain processes of 8 hours down to 30 minutes. We have recently started using the Intuit Assisted Payroll and it is literally a two step process. The ergonomics and usability are tremendous. We could not live without it. This product is not a nice to have, but a MUST."
Angel Companions
"Generations has streamlined our organization and scheduling, etc. Thank You!!! Program is fantastic and meets our needs for in homecare and adult day care"
St. John's Home Care
"Generations has been an amazing help to our company with scheduling, payroll, billing, and our human resource needs."
Companion Care
"Thank you so much for producing such a home health care managed program that makes our business more productive, efficient, and accurate for servicing our cilents and caregivers"
Distinctive Homecare
"Generations does a great Job! Outstanding customer service and support. We are very, very pleased with Generations. The program is very stable, dependable, reliable, and user friendly. We think of Generations as a dependable employee who comes to work every day, never complains, and does a great job!"
Visiting Angels
"Before going with Generations I researched and tested several other programs. For us Generations beat the competition in all aspects: easy to use, customer service, price, and compatibility with QuickBooks. Generations also integrated a live telephony system that let us know that our caregivers are at the client's location as well as help with tracking their hours for payroll. We are very happy with Generations."
Home Care Management
"Love the Call Center: there are many people in our office and we all login and keep on top of what's going on with each client. We use Generations for scheduling, billing, and payroll. Map integration is great! Overall a very good system."
Homewatch Caregivers
"Great sales and tech support! They really care about my growing business"
Visiting Angels
"I had high expectations of Generations initially, and the software has exceeded them all!! The integration with QuickBooks especially makes my job so much easier as Administrator, and the reports make payroll all the better. Everyone in the office is now on the same page, with live information right at their stations with communication and record keeping vastly improved over our old scheduling system. Thank you Generations!"
Irish Home Care
"Generations forms the heart of my business operation, allowing me to run my business very efficiently. Integration with telephony and accounting features (via QuickBooks) is essential to making it all a seamless operation"
Angel Companions
"We have been using Generations for over a year. We are very pleased with the system, it does what it says 'on the box'. The support is great and web based training sessions are very useful."
Beech Home Care