This is a minor update and last update scheduled for 2018. We wish all of you a joyful holiday season and happy new year.


City Minimum Wage Alert
  • Minimum wage alerts are be established per city by populating the City Minimum Wage master list (under the Caregivers main menu).
  • When scheduling, Generations will ensure the caregiver’s rate of pay is equal to or greater than the specified rate for the city the client resides in.
  • Interface modifications for HHAX (state of PA and FL).
  • Fixed formatting when sending reminders as a text message.
  • Fix issue that could cause caregiver phone numbers not to display on the mobile app.
  • Added client ID field to the payroll export.
  • Added Select All button on client plan of care tasks tab.
  • Fix issues where full drug name could get cut off on MARS report.
  • Other minor fixes.