We’re back home in Michigan after a trip to Nashville last month for the Visiting Angels Homecare Annual conference. Thanks for stopping by our booth and for asking us so many great questions (for a list of the most frequently asked questions we received, keep scrolling). 

It was great seeing so many familiar faces and meeting quite a few new people, too. 

Hearing your stories about your homecare businesses and the clients you impact reminds us of why we do what we do and pushes us to continuously perfect Generations.

Here is a quick overview booklet of Generations to give you a better idea of the powerful functionality of Generations’s homecare technology.


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While in Nashville, we also took the opportunity to explore the City. If you haven’t tried Nashville hot chicken, please stop what you’re doing and add it to your hit list NOW. You’ll be glad you did!

While at the conference, we enjoyed sitting in on the helpful sessions and hearing from some smart people and experts in the homecare space. 

One session particularly stuck with us, as it was about the changing approaches to recruiting caregivers. (We know how hard our clients work to find and nurture the best caregivers.) Click here, to read our seven tips for recruiting and retaining caregivers.

We also took the visit as an opportunity to explore the City. If you haven’t tried Nashville hot chicken, please stop what you’re doing and add it to your hit list NOW. You’ll be glad you did!

While at the conference, we noticed a trend in the questions we received from prospective clients. We recognized many of them as questions we hear from you regularly, via email, live chat and social media. If you all are asking these questions, chances are others are after the answers to these questions. So, we’ve decided to take your most frequently-asked questions and compile them into one easy-to-access list for you.

See below for a set of frequently asked questions and our answers to your questions about Generations Homecare System.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do you stand out from the competition?

A: We offer unlimited training and support for you and your entire care team, Generations is easy to use, and includes access to an ever-growing library of help articles and video tutorials.

Q: Do you have apps for office staff, caregivers, and clients?

A: We do! We have apps for office staff, caregivers and for clients and their family members. Get the app through the Google Play Store, Kindle Fire, or Apple App Store.

Q: Can you be easily reached for help and troubleshooting?

A: Absolutely. We’re standing by our computers and phones to answer your questions. We even offer LiveChat functionality. Instantly connect online with an employee at our headquarters in Michigan.

Q: I learned about the importance of tracking and mitigating hospital readmissions during the Medicare Advantage session on Thursday. How do I set up and track hospital readmissions using Generations?

A: Demonstrating low readmissions rates is essential for marketing your agency, and your success is important to us. Generations has built in features for easily tracking and reporting re-admissions. Plus, Generations has all of the tools you need to improve client health outcomes and avoid readmissions.

Q: Are you HIPPA compliant?

A: Yes. We’re both HIPPA compliant and data secure. Plus, we have an uptime of 99.99%, meaning your care team can do their work without disruption. With a seemingly endless increase in demand for in-home care, it’s critical that your homecare software protect your data and be able to store large amounts of client information confidentially.

The homecare industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. Home health aides are in demand, with a growth rate of 41 percent through 2026.

– Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019

Q: I want to make sure I’m working with a software partner that will be able to meet my state’s EVV requirements by the January 1, 2020 deadline. Does Generations interface with my state’s system?

A: It’s all hands on deck as our team works to create billing interfaces to work with each state’s requirements. To see if we currently interface with your state, reply to this email. (If we aren’t yet up and running in your state, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.) 2020, we’ll be ready for you!

Q: Can caregivers check in to shifts using Generations’s mobile app?

A: Absolutely. And on a related note, caregivers can now accept available shifts with one click via the Generations caregiver app. 

“Caregiver request for shift is the most amazing addition!!!!”

-Generations user based in Michigan, May 2019

Q: How does pricing work? Is it by number of seats or logins?

A: Our standard software and service package starts at $300 per month for three concurrent user licenses. For each additional user, we charge $25. Plus, we don’t require a lengthy contract or service agreement. To learn more about our pricing, click here.  

Not seeing your question in this list of frequently asked questions? Please send us your questions. Reach us via the LiveChat button on this website.

As always, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @GenerationsHCS. 

Read our faq and interested in learning more? Check out the Generations Homecare System info packet. Download an overview of Generations by clicking on the button below.


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