“We’re excited and proud to be able to provide our clients with even more insight into the value they provide their clients. Generations clients asked for these tools, and we did not hesitate to deliver. At our core, we’re a company built on the marriage of technology and radical customer service,” stated Lance Ferden, Generations Homecare System president and co-founder. He added, “Through the proprietary reporting technology in Generations we’ve further streamlined the client experience and built a powerful tool that enables agencies to demonstrate results.”

Generations Homecare System users are able to:

●          View hospital and ER visits in a detail or summary report

●          Demonstrate successful client health outcomes to referral sources

●          Receive real-time patient analytics based on caregiver feedback

Introducing advanced data analytics on readmissions is a natural next step for Generations. On the heels of the bipartisan passage of the Dignity in Aging Act of 2019, these tools directly align with the Act’s efforts to help older Americans age in place. Moreover, hospitals with high readmission rates are at risk for fines and penalties from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. (Subsequent admissions within 30 days of a hospitalization negatively impacts a hospital’s ability to receive reimbursement from the federal government.) Just this month, Medicare penalized 2,583 hospitals, according to Kaiser Health News. Homecare providers that can demonstrate low readmissions will earn the trust and business of hospitals and other referral sources.

“We’re thrilled that our world-class team has introduced hospitalization and ER visit analytics, a powerful tool for data collection and reporting, right here in Michigan. Generations team members have proven time and time again that we are driven to deliver technology that will positively impact health, while helping our clients demonstrate their value in a competitive marketplace” said Lisa Ferden, Generations Homecare System vice president and co-founder. “Our talented team is dedicated to providing our clients with technology that enables them to be effective, responsive and trusted providers of in-home care.”

For additional details and a demonstration of the new hospitalization and ER reports functionality, visit HomecareSoftware.com/schedule-demo.


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