Generations Homecare System Introduces Caregiver Screening To Help Agencies Deliver Safe Care Amidst COVID-19



Generations Homecare System Introduces Caregiver Screening To Help Agencies Deliver Safe Care Amidst COVID-19

The new feature helps agency administrators monitor caregivers for significant medical symptoms 

Mt. Pleasant, MI, April 23, 2020 – Today, Generations Homecare System has rolled out Caregiver Screening as an added protective measure for homecare teams and the individuals they serve. The new feature is a mechanism for agency administrators to use when scheduling caregivers for shifts. Caregiver Screening is part of a wave of new features that have been added to Generations in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Agencies asked us for a way to further protect their workforce and improve operational efficiencies and we are pleased to offer Caregiver Screening as the solution,” explained Lance Ferden, Generations Homecare System President and Co-Founder. 

Caregiver Screening in Generations will enable agency administrators to do the following: 

  • Establish sets of questions and requisite answers as relevant to their business needs (Screening questions are completely customizable so providers can easily adapt to evolving state requirements and advice from health officials)
  • Systematically deploy questions to caregivers through the Generations Mobile App
  • Access Caregiver Screening responses in real-time and generate reports for scheduling and billing purposes

When implemented by agencies, Caregiver Screening will deploy questions to caregivers through Generations. Caregivers who have the Generations Mobile App will be prompted to complete all required symptom screening steps in order to log in to Generations. Caregivers who do not pass the screening will not be able to log in or provide care until cleared to do so by an agency administrator. Please note: caregivers should only complete the screening questions when instructed to do so by their employer and when presenting symptoms. Agency administrators should consult with their state labor departments to determine how to comply with wage and hour laws as they pertain to caregiver screening.

“An estimated 47% of home health agencies are caring for at least one patient with COVID-19,” according to William Dombi, president of the National Association of Home Care and Hospice (NAHC), Homecare providers, now more than ever, will be entrusted with the simultaneous delivery of pre-acute and post-acute care. Generations is positioned to help care teams provide safe care during – and after – the transition.

“The new Caregiver Screening feature speaks to our unwavering commitment to serve as a homecare ally and partner. We hope that, with routine screenings, care teams will stay safe and continue to improve health outcomes,” said Lisa Ferden, Generations Homecare System Vice President and Co-Founder. 

Read more about Caregiver Screening in Generations by visiting www.homecaresoftware.com/covid-19-resource-center. 

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