There’s no reason to be in the dark on how your clients view the care they receive.


In our new series Featured Tech Tool, we take you on a deep-dive into some of the features most beloved by our clients. Tune in on Mondays for the featured tool of the week. Get an in-depth look at technology that helps homecare agencies and care teams around the world deliver quality care and improve outcomes. Up first, Generations® Client Quality Assurance Surveys.


Featured Tech Tool – Week 1 | Generations® Client Quality Assurance Survey


With Generations® Quality Assurance Surveys, agency administrators have access to quality assurance ratings as often as every shift, making care recipients feel seen and heard. Read our guide to Client Quality Assurance for agencies.


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Pro tip: as a best practice, agency administrators should survey care recipients any time a new caregiver is introduced to ensure a good fit.


What are some of the ways your homecare agency leverages quality assurance? Send us a note. We’d love to hear about it.
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