New Feature: COVID-19 Caregiver Screening

Homecare providers that use Generations will find a new feature available to their teams today, Caregiver Screening. We are committed to developing the technology required for keeping care teams, including caregivers and recipients of care, safe while coordinating care during COVID-19. Caregiver Screening is the newest feature of the many in Generations, available for screening caregivers at the beginning of each shift before they make contact with clients. Caregivers can confirm they are not symptomatic through any available channels such as Secure Messaging, Caregiver Screening, or by phone and documented in the Call Center. When combined with Generations EVV, and while using the Generations mobile app, caregivers can be prompted to complete symptom screening prior to the start of their shifts. If a caregiver’s response to the screening questions do not pass agency established specifications, they will be unable to log into their shift, and flagged for follow up in Generations. Screening questions are completely customizable so providers can easily adapt to evolving state requirements and advice from health officials. Providers should consult with their state labor departments to determine how to comply with wage and hour laws as they pertain to caregiver screening. Suggested screening questions (via Littler Mandelson P.C.):

  • Do you have any signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?
  • Have you had contact, in the last 14 days, with someone with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19, or under investigation for COVID-19, or are ill with respiratory illness?
  • Have you been in a High-Risk area in the past 14 days, meaning any area CDC classifies as Level 3 (i.e., an area with widespread, ongoing community transmission)? As of March 26, 2020, those include but are not limited to Europe, South Korea, Iran, China, and the United Kingdom.

Home care providers stand as one of the first lines of defense in protecting the health of our communities. Caregiver Screening should be used in conjunction with Client Wellness screening questions to ensure both clients and caregivers remain healthy.  Regularly screening caregivers for symptoms or possible exposure is essential for slowing the spread of COVID-19. Our team is standing by to help you implement Generations Caregiver Screening. Whether you’re a current customer or looking for more information on getting started with Generations, we can be reached easily via LiveChat. Generations users have unlimited access to support and training, so we encourage everyone to work with the support team if you would like any assistance. Looking for more information on how the tools in Generations helps care teams navigate coordinating safe care during COVID-19? Watch this previously recorded webinar.

Tracking PUIs

When a caregiver’s responses to the COVID-19 screening flag them as a potential exposure risk, assigned administrative teams will receive a notification in Generations. The caregiver should be marked as a PUI (Person Under Investigation) until testing or further screening is completed. This allows for a quick and strategic response from the scheduling team. Use the Caregiver Search, Available Shift Notification, and Secure Messaging features to quickly staff the newly available shift(s).

Caregiver Exclusivity and Continuity of Care

In an effort to comply with social distancing guidelines and to reduce the spread of COVID-19 among clients and caregivers, providers might consider implementing client exclusive caregivers. Continuity of care is important for improving health outcomes, and for limiting opportunities for COVID-19 exposure. The Caregiver Search tool in Generations enables teams to match clients with their preferred caregivers or caregivers with past visits. The Caregiver Skills/Attributes feature can be used to designate caregivers as the exclusive provider for a client. Generations is configured to help you easily prioritize continuity of care when scheduling. LiveChat with our support team for assistance setting up client exclusive caregivers.

More ways to use Generations to stay ahead of COVID-19 

Regularly Screening Client Symptoms

Having systems in place to ensure clients are regularly screened for COVID-19 systems is crucial for tracking changes in health conditions. Use Generations Client Wellness to ensure caregivers are regularly screening and reporting client conditions and symptoms. Wellness questions are completely customizable, administrators set normal parameters and any results outside of the established norms result in notifications to designated Case Managers in Generations. 

Communicating Through Challenging Circumstances

COVID-19 related information is constantly evolving and care teams need to stay informed, organized and in regular communication, all while maintaining social distancing. The ability to easily share information and documents electronically is more important than ever. Generations is built with essential communication tools such as: 

  • Secure Messaging is a HIPAA compliant, two way communication channel between caregivers and coordinators. 
  • The Call Center is a comprehensive CRM and administrative management center, used to track calls, follow ups, referral appointments and more. 
  • Document Management is a new feature in Generations and allows teams to securely and conveniently distribute critical documents. More information on Document Management can be found in this blog post.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Use Tasks in Generations to create a set of COVID-19 specific disinfecting and sanitizing duties. Regularly sanitizing and disinfecting high touch areas in a clients home is essential for lowering transmission rates. Sanitizing and disinfecting Tasks should be specific and marked as required. A caregiver cannot log out of their shift if required Tasks are not completed. For additional details on the tools in Generations that help care teams navigate delivering care during COVID-19, watch this previously recorded webinar.

Thank you, caregivers!

Home Care Association of America started a giveback campaign to recognize the caregivers on the front lines of caring for and protecting members of our communities. With “The Power of 5” homecare is an integral part of slowing the spread of COVID-19. For more information on their campaign, visit HCAOA.com. We’re honored to be a technology partner of an industry playing a key role in slowing the spread of COVID-19!