The Generations Booklet highlights tools and resources that can help you deliver the best care while growing your homecare business.


We’ve built a secure and easy-to-use software system for homecare agencies around the world. Now more than ever, caregivers, care recipients and their families expect timely communication and access to critical information on-demand. Generations clients are able to meet and exceed these requests using software that is HIPAA compliant, technologically advanced and data secure.

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In the booklet, you’ll find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Scroll for examples.


Can I use Generations with multiple locations/offices?

Absolutely! The more the merrier. Generations is equipped to support operations of all sizes.

Is Generations Homecare System’s software for private duty homecare agencies?

Yes. Generations helps private duty agencies manage their business operations, including scheduling, billing and payroll, and provide exceptional care.

Does Generations have a mobile app?

Yes. Agencies that use Generations have access to the secure Generations Mobile App, available for the entire care team (this includes administrators, office staff, case managers, caregivers, and clients). You may download the app from the iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon app stores.

Is there a long term contract?

No. You may cancel your service at anytime.

What can I expect after signing up?

We will connect you with your dedicated Generations trainer to help you and your team get familiar with the software and up-and-running in accordance with your timeline.

What if I need support?

We offer unlimited support. Always. You can reach out to us anytime via LiveChat.

Can you tell me about Generations EVV for agencies in the United States?

Certainly. With Generations electronic visit verification technology, your agency can seamlessly improve care plan compliance, track care notes and reduce hospital re-admissions. Visit the EVV page to learn about Generations electronic visit verification solutions as they become available in your state.

Does Generations have a mapping feature?

Yes. The Generations Mobile App integrates Google Maps for maximum efficiency across the entire care team. Download the Generations Booklet to learn about turn-by-turn directions, client mapping and more.

Does Generations allow me to share documents with my care teams?

Yes. The new Document Management feature in Generations helps administrators securely and conveniently share essential documents with the entire care team, including caregivers, recipients of care and their families.

Can caregivers request visits through Generations?

Yes! Caregivers can absolutely request opportunities for work through Generations. What’s more, schedulers can approve requests to seamlessly fill available shifts.

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Please reach out to us at any time. A Generations Homecare Solutions Advisor will be happy to answer your questions.

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