Starting A Homecare Business


How do I start a homecare business and how do I build it for long-term success? These are questions you have likely asked yourself at one time or another. This blog post is for people who want to start, or who have questions about, a homecare business.


Have you always wanted to work in homecare and have recently come across a homecare agency that is for sale? Perhaps you have worked for an agency as a caregiver or care coordinator and would like to start your own business. Or maybe you’ve already acquired your license and created your signage and are now asking yourself what you should do to prepare for opening day.


We know first-hand what opening and operating a homecare business involves. And we know how rewarding it is to provide care to a community in need.


Like with any profession, though, homecare takes around-the-clock commitment and dedication. 


What is more, the challenges change from year to year. From navigating your state government’s healthcare site and laws, to studying licensing requirements, to recruiting knowledgeable office staff and caregivers, this work is made even more complicated in a pandemic year. 


But, to quote the famous line from the film A League of Their Own, “The hard…is what makes it great.”


It is a great time to start that homecare business of which you have always dreamed, as demand for homecare agencies is growing. 


“As more people choose to age in place as a result of COVID-19, home care providers 

will be caring for more higher-acuity patients who will require more assistance.” 

Home Health Care News


The time is right for building your business. And the industry is brimming with resources and technology to help you thrive.



Where Do I Start?


At Generations, we believe in providing homecare teams with a software service that focuses on three core areas: security, ease of use, and paperless documentation. 


We also believe that success is directly tied to the people you surround yourself with. 


Whether you are about to open your homecare business or are still in the planning phase, a software partner is one of your greatest assets – especially if they offer unlimited training and support. A great software provider will help your team do their work safely and effectively.


Before You Open Your Homecare Business

“[Generations] makes everything so much easier.” – Generations User Mary M., 5 stars, October 2020 


When interviewing homecare software companies, ask them about the resources they provide agencies. Generations provides support to clients and non-clients alike such as, “Ten Tips for New Agencies,” and, “Recruit & Retain Quality Caregivers.” These documents and others help agency administrators put in place technology and practices that support caregiver recruitment and satisfaction. 


When beginning your search for a software solution, sign up for as many demonstrations as you can. You can schedule your Generations demo here.  


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Pro tip: When you are in your demo, ask us how Generations can reduce the time it takes to do payroll – from days to mere hours. 


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