5 Homecare Goals for the New Year

Start 2021 with strategic technology goals that will help your care team improve business processes, achieve successful care outcomes and earn more business.


Watch this brief video to learn about the 5 homecare goals your business can achieve in 2021.


The 5 Homecare Goals for 2021:

Goal #1: Go paperless

Digitize your business processes for improved organization, compliance and care outcomes. Timecards can be replaced with Electronic Visit Verification, visit notes, care plans and schedules can all be securely and conveniently accessed.

Goal #2: Save time on billing and payroll

Streamlined billing and payroll start with accurate records. Easily track overtime, holiday pay, approved service hours, and more. Directly send billing and payroll data to QuickBooks or your chosen payroll system and clearinghouse.

Goal #3: Establish secure communication channels

Secure communication channels allow your entire care team to send and receive critical information in real-time and to focus on delivering quality care at every visit.

Goal #4: Streamline scheduling and visit verification

A comprehensive scheduling system allows your team to track the delivery of care in real-time, improve continuity of care, modify schedules, and more – all from one screen.

Goal #5: Use online forms

Streamline your application and service inquiry processes with online forms. Online forms allow your team to build a pipeline qualified caregiver applicants and to increase new service inquiries.


Generations Homecare System gives you the technology you need to achieve these goals in 2021.

Download the overview booklet for details on the tools built into Generations.