Protect Caregivers and Recipients of Care with the Newest Feature in Generations:

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking

Homecare providers now have the ability to track the COVID-19 vaccination status of caregivers and recipients of care, directly in Generations Homecare System. Tracking vaccination statuses enhances safety and care outcomes thanks to the ability to filter caregivers and care recipients according to their vaccination status. This new vaccination tracking tool is the newest in a suite of solutions developed in direct response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Find the Vaccination Tracking press release here, and read below for more about the tools in Generations that directly contribute to the safety of caregivers and recipients of care.

Watch this brief video for an overview of the new COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking tool:



Documenting COVID-19 Vaccinations for Recipients of Care and Caregivers

Record vaccinations directly, and conveniently, in the care recipients’ and caregivers’ personal data records. This new vaccination tracking tool allows your team to document the following:

  • Type of vaccine received
  • Date of the first vaccine
  • Date of the second vaccine
  • Upload a copy of the vaccination certificate


Scheduling Care Based on Vaccination Status

The Caregiver Search tool in Generations is a vital feature for homecare providers who are committed to improving care outcomes by focusing on continuity of care and optimizing caregiver assignments based on skill sets and other attributes. The Caregiver Search tool now includes the ability to filter caregivers based on their vaccination status.

Communicating Vaccination Policies and Protocols

As the vaccination efforts continue to develop, having communication tools in place for the care team will be essential. Distribute information about vaccine requirements and policies with the entire care team via the Document Management tool in Generations. Document Management allows your team to effortlessly and securely store and distribute essential information with administrators, caregivers, and recipients of care and their families. Consider using Document Management to distribute resources from the CDC found in this toolkit for employers of essential workers. Track second dose schedules for caregivers using the Reminders feature in Generations. Simply set the reminder date for the second vaccine and caregivers will receive a reminder within the Generations mobile app.

We are committed to developing the technology needed to keep your care teams and recipients of care safe. Visit the COVID-19 Resource Page on our website for more information on the tools in Generations Homecare System, including Caregiver Screening, Client Wellness, and Secure Messaging, that empower agencies to improve care outcomes and safety.


Download the overview booklet for a look at the features included in Generations Homecare System.