Featured Tech – Tools for Delivering the Best Care

In our series “Featured Tech Tool,” we take you on a deep dive into some of the features most beloved by Generations users. 

Get an in-depth look at the technology that helps homecare agencies and care teams deliver quality care and improve outcomes. 

Up this week? We’re featuring the Generations Call Center.


Featured Tech Tool | The Generations Call Center

Agencies that use Generations Homecare System have access to the built-in Generations Call Center for HIPAA-compliant documentation of all office communications. What’s more, these agencies have peace of mind, as all communications can be securely documented in real time.

The Generations Call Center is the all-in-one to-do list and note-taking area of Generations. Agencies use it to track calls, follow-ups, referral appointments, and much more. Additionally, agency administrators can attach documents to individual caregiver, care-recipient, and referral source records right within the system.

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