Five Questions with Leaves Personal Care: The Generations Caregiver App

Sam Dietz of Leaves Personal Care in Grandville, Michigan, joined us for an interview covering the caregiver mobile app from Generations. The care team at Leaves Personal Care has been utilizing the Generations Caregiver App to deliver safe, quality care. Having the best technology in caregivers’ hands is vital for keeping care teams safe and improving care outcomes. We’re so grateful Leaves Personal Care took the time to share their experience!

Read the transcript of the interview, and don’t miss the video of the interview below.

#1. How did you get started in caregiving, and what do you love most about working in homecare?

Sam Dietz from Leaves Personal Care: After leaving the military in 2014, I wandered around until I landed in healthcare. It was then that I realized my passion for serving our local elderly community. I was a caregiver for just over 3 years, and I’ve been supporting the caregivers here at Leaves Personal Care for the last 5 months. To say that our caregivers are heroes, especially through this last year, would be an incredible understatement.

#2. How Is your team utilizing the Generations Caregiver Mobile App?

Sam: Our caregivers utilize the Generations Mobile App daily. Everything from Electronic Visit Verification to charting their daily notes is done through the mobile app. It tracks their routine, notifying us of tasks being accomplished, and gives us a detailed look at our clients’ daily care.

#3. Which features in the caregiver app have been particularly helpful for delivering safe care during Covid-19?

Sam: Two things immediately come to mind. Our ability to screen our caregivers for COVID symptoms through the daily survey is essential. This has given our clients a lot of reassurance when having someone outside their circle come into their home. The second feature we love is the vaccination tracker. Knowing which of our caregivers are vaccinated is turning out to be very valuable when considering client preferences.

#4. What is your favorite feature or a feature you use most within the caregiver mobile app?

Sam: I know our caregivers really love having a place where their client notes are consolidated into one, easy to access location. The app makes it really simple to review all of the caregivers’ notes on a client’s team and see what was done during a previous shift. This really allows our caregivers to provide the best care possible in line with what is on the client’s care plan, which they also have access to.

#5. It’s your turn. Do you have a question you would like to ask us?

Tune in to the video below to hear Sam’s question for the Generations team.


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