In the midst of one of the worst pandemics in human history, developing a vaccine in less than one year seemed impossible. Developing three a year was considered nothing short of a scientific miracle. The first vaccine approved by the CDC was Pfizer, followed by Moderna shortly after. Most recently, the CDC has approved the Johnson and Johnson vaccine for emergency use. As a result of the large-scale vaccine distribution, Generations Homecare System has implemented a vaccine tracking feature that provides agencies with the option to track their employees’ vaccination status. 

According to the CDC, In December 2020, both Pfizer and Moderna’s double-dose vaccines were approved by the FDA through an Emergency Usage Authorization process.  Moderna and Pfizer utilized new mRNA vaccine technology in their developments. In February of 2021, the manufacturing giant, Johnson & Johnson, had their single-dose vaccine approved. The single-use vaccine will help expedite the vaccination process. The approval of three COVID-19 vaccines brings hope for homecare agencies and patients as we collectively work towards finding normalcy again. 

The COVID-19 vaccine was a first in terms of technological advancement. The implementation of mRNA technology was a key factor for producing the COVID-19 vaccines. Previous vaccine technology used primarily inactivated viruses to mimic natural infection. The CDC explains that with mRNA technology, a copy of a virus component is imitated and injected, causing the body to produce antibodies. The use of mRNA technology has proven to be game-changing in treating future viruses. 

In terms of homecare agencies, this vaccine and mRNA technology will help us further provide the best care. With an increasing supply of COVID vaccinations, caregivers and patients will have the opportunity to receive a vaccine if they choose to do so. 

“We are excited to have implemented a COVID-19 vaccine tracking function within Generations. We recognize the importance of having a feature that provides agencies with the ability to track vaccination status. We pride ourselves in continuing to deliver the best technology for our users.” said Lance Ferden, Generations Homecare System Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

With increased vaccinations, a vaccine tracking tool is an essential and exciting feature for all. This feature allows for thorough tracking, including vaccination dates, status, and updates of both the care recipient and caregiver.

While agencies are not required to mandate vaccinations for caregivers, care recipients and their families may wish to request care be delivered by caregivers who have been vaccinated. The Generations COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking tool will help administrators pair vaccinated caregivers with care recipients as requested. This is especially useful when scheduling care for high-risk individuals and those who are immunocompromised,” said Lisa Ferden, Generations Homecare System Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

This feature includes the type of vaccine received, date of the first vaccine, date of the second vaccine, and ability to have a picture of the vaccination certificate. App users are also able to request the vaccination status of their caregivers.

“The ability to request caregivers by vaccination status gives care recipients and their families greater ownership over their care plans, as well as peace of mind in these socially distanced times,” said Lisa Ferden. 


Watch this video overview of the COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking tool in Generations.


Strides are being made in the technological advancements of homecare and medicine. It is important to choose a program that keeps up with its user’s needs. The team behind Generations is committed to providing the best technology for providers and their teams to receive support services to have the best outcomes and experiences relative to their health and well-being.