Five Questions with Able Healthcare Services in Florida


Anita Robberson of Able Healthcare Services, located in Fort Myers, Florida, joined us for an interview covering their experience as a private duty agency using Generations. The care team at Able Healthcare Services has been utilizing the Generations to deliver safe, quality care. We’re so grateful Anita took the time to share her experience using Generations and the importance of providing quality care. 

Read the transcript of the interview, and don’t miss the video of the interview below. 


#1. Please share with us a little about your agency and how you got started with home care.

Able Healthcare Services is a private pay licensed agency in Florida. We provide a wide range of services from just a short time needing services, 24-hour care, and possibly for the remainder of their life. I started with Able after 11 years at another agency that provided Medicare and Private Pay. However, I prefer the private pay side because I believe it is the ultimate managed care. Working directly with the patient is essential, and if they are not happy, we are not satisfied. It was a great match as the company owners and I both feel that we do things the right way with the focus always on individualized plans and quality services.  Able HealthCare was opened in 1986 by Bob and Helen Tuffy and continues to be operated by them today.  I have been with Able since 1993.  In fact, our entire management team has at least 15 years with Able.  Many of our field employees have been with us for more than ten years as well.


#2. How have you and your agency benefited from utilizing Generations Electronic Visit Verification? (EVV)

We were a little late to the game on EVV as we were all on paper, but suddenly Covid hit, and we were working remotely, and communications with our employees became greater. Having pre-screening in place and recorded for our records right through the app. No more paper time cards, and no disputes between shifts about on-time arrival vs. late arrival. It was perfect timing for us, and I don’t know how we would have gotten through Covid if we were still a paper system.

“I don’t know how we would have gotten through Covid if we were still a paper system.”


#3. What is your experience with Generations Support and Training?

It has been wonderful! When we were first getting started, we had one on one training. Training and support are really good and available for anyone’s best learning style.  For example, some learn better with one-on-one instruction, and others may learn better from written instructions or videos.  Chat allows quick replies to questions and issues if you don’t have time to look up the help section’s answer. 


#4. Do you have any goals or hopes for your agency in 2021?

My goal for 2021 is to use the recruiting tools built into Generations more than we are a present.  I like the idea of having the prospective team member fill in the info instead of our staff doing a lot of data entry.  Plus, we can prioritize whom we need to bring on board quickly to fill those available shifts. 


#5. Pop Quiz! Since we are from Michigan and you are from Florida, are you a  freshwater or saltwater gal?

I am a saltwater gal! I can’t get enough of the sunshine and beach!  

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