Google may have some answers, but you are in the right place when it comes to questions regarding homecare. Generations offers users a unique and customizable experience to fit your agency’s needs while providing the best security and robust HIPAA compliance. Here are some questions you may have Googled this month and answers to them:

I’m interested in starting a caregiving business. How do I start?

Starting a new business can be stressful but very rewarding. When looking to start a caregiving business, it is essential first to make a plan. Plan on hiring caregivers you trust will get the job done. Then, find a software solution that meets your needs, like Generations, and reach out to learn more.

How do I update my HIPAA compliance plan? 

Having a HIPAA compliance plan is essential for ensuring your agency is following legal requirements. Generations offers protected document management where caregiver and client documents are securely stored. Generations also has a HIPAA-compliant audit trail implemented, which tracks client documentation activity by user. When you use Generations, your organization can feel confident your data is protected and HIPAA-compliant. Generations has many HIPAA-compliant tools within the application.

What is Electronic Visit Verification?

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) ensures homecare providers are in the right place at the right time. Generations EVV allows streamlined billing to Medicaid, real-time visit verification, and much more. Click here to learn more about Generations EVV.

Where do I organize caregiver vaccination records?

Making sure your caregivers are up-to-date with vaccinations is an essential component of client safety. Vaccination records can be securely stored in the Generations application and be updated as needed. 

How can I ensure patient and caregiver safety regarding COVID-19?

The Generations app provides an option to document COVID-19 vaccination status for caregivers and clients. This allows office staff to schedule vaccinated caregivers with clients who prefer vaccinated caregivers. The caregivers are also given a COVID-19 screening when they clock into their shift. Through the Generations app, clients and caregivers can ensure their safety is a top priority. 

I am tired of paper schedules. How do I switch to online scheduling? 

Switching to an online scheduling system has never been easier than with Generations. Online scheduling provides a secure, easy-to-use format. In addition to easier scheduling for office staff, clients will have peace of mind knowing who is coming to their homes. 

How can I share available shifts with my caregivers?

Broadcasting available care opportunities to your caregivers allows care recipients to receive the care they need when they need it. Administrators in Generations can post available care opportunities to the Generations mobile app where caregivers can accept the shift. 

How do I message caregivers in a HIPAA-compliant manner?

Text messaging is not a HIPAA-compliant way to communicate with your care team. This is why in the Generations mobile app, there is in-app messaging because you should not have to sacrifice data security or HIPAA compliance. In-app messaging allows care teams to communicate all from within the Generations app securely. 

What do I do if I am suspecting the mistreatment of a person receiving care?

If you or any of your care team members suspect the mistreatment of a care recipient, you must report it immediately. Abuse takes shape in many forms; physical, verbal, emotional, financial, etc. To learn more about how to report abuse, call Eldercare Locator on weekdays at 800-677-1116. For emergency help, dial 911 or local police.

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