As COVID-19 vaccination mandates become effective for some homecare providers, it’s important to plan ahead as to how your agency will keep track of your care team’s vaccination statuses. 

Generations Homecare System provides the necessary tools for securely organizing and storing vaccination records. 

Check out the two videos below for a quick look at two of the tools within Generations that are helping care teams keep up with evolving mandates.

Document Management: Conveniently and securely organize, upload, and share documents, such as vaccination policies, with caregivers and clients. These documents are available for view via the Mobile App or browser, making them accessible to those who view them. Click here to watch a video about Document Management.

Vaccination Documentation: Document all vaccination information, including type of vaccine received, dates received, and vaccination card photos. This ensures all vaccination information is easily accessible in a secure, central location. To learn more about Vaccination Documentation, watch the video below.

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