New Generations Homecare System zip code functionality makes scheduling the perfect pair a breeze.

Generations Homecare System has added a new search by zip code feature to the Caregiver Search functionality. This tool helps agencies easily schedule caregivers with compatible clients based on specified criteria; personality, availability, skills, and location. These characteristics can make or break a relationship, including the client and caregiver relationship.   Since the homecare industry is personal by nature, providing your clients with a caregiver who is a great fit can make their care experience even more impactful. Generations Homecare System Caregiver Search functionality simplifies the matchmaking process.  

LocationPair caregivers with nearby clients. Minimize travel time and schedule efficiently by using the new zip code functionality in Caregiver Search. 

AvailabilitySave the date! Caregiver Search checks your caregiver’s schedule availability with clients who need care to ensure that no one gets stood up.   

Needs and Attributes – Schedule clients with caregivers who are compatible with their care needs. Create and assign attributes to your caregivers, customizable to their skillset. Language, physical limitations, gender, and many more customizable attributes ensure that your clients’ needs are met. Your agency also has the option to receive an alert if the scheduled caregiver does not match the client’s necessary attributes.  

Consistency of Care  – Caregiver Search in Generations displays which caregivers have visited the client before. Continuity of care helps your clients feel safer through familiarity and predictability of regularly seeing the same caregiver. Clients and caregivers who regularly work together have stronger relationships and higher care satisfaction.

Schedule the perfect pair with a touch of a button in Generations Homecare System. Let us simplify the process of finding the perfect fit for your clients and caregivers.