The team at Generations Homecare System put together a short webinar featuring five helpful tips for new agency owners, giving them the necessary tools for success. Our team recently surveyed over one hundred homecare businesses across the United States and Canada regarding their use of technology, strategies, and operations.

Here are five tips we’ve gathered based on survey responses:

1. Implement an All-in-one Software Solution

Making sure your business has efficient technology to run your operations is crucial for success. By having an all-in-one software like Generations Homecare System, your administrators will save time, feel confident in your data security, and improve the quality of care for your clients.

2. Master the Art of Scheduling

Efficient scheduling is key for success. Generations Homecare System provides multiple scheduling tools to streamline your scheduling. View schedules in daily, weekly and monthly formats, so that you can plan ahead or have a closer look into each day’s events. Additional Scheduling tools like caregiver search in Generations makes pairing compatible clients and caregivers a breeze. Clients can be scheduled with caregivers who possess the skills and attributes necessary to provide quality care with the touch of a button. Detailed yet easy to use, your office staff, clients, and caregivers will appreciate the usefulness of scheduling tools.

3. Optimize Caregiver and Client Onboarding

Build your team with ease with tools in Generations Homecare System. Simplify the hiring process by using the customizable application in Generations. The application link can be embedded onto your company’s website or hiring site of your choice. Once applicants and prospective clients complete the form, their information will appear in Generations, saving you time while you grow your business.

4. Use Secure Mobile Apps

Using mobile apps makes cross-team communication secure and convenient, helping you to stay in touch wherever you are. Using the Generations app, caregivers and office staff can message securely. Caregivers also have the option to view their schedule and pick up any available shifts. Caregivers can view and complete any assigned tasks during their visit using the Generations mobile app.

5. Implement Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

Maintain state compliance and improve care outcomes through the implementation of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Generations EVV uses GPS technology to mark the exact clock in and clock out location and time of each caregiver shift. Ensure no client gets left behind by utilizing EVV alerts, where your office administrators will be alerted if the caregiver doesn’t arrive at the client’s residence within a specified time frame. EVV is an essential part of making sure your agency is compliant with state guidelines and your clients receive the best care.

When it comes to starting a homecare agency, having technology that can do it all is a major key to success. Whether you are a new business, or a long-time agency owner, Generations Homecare System has the tools in place for your agency to simplify and improve your operations. We hope you enjoy the webinar.