Do you feel secure, about your security 

Protecting sensitive client information is critical for your agency to stay HIPAA compliant. As you browse different software solutions, you may find yourself coming across the word encryption. So, what exactly is encryption? 

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What is encryption?

Encryption is an added protective security measure for sensitive online information. Encryption works by making the information appear scrambled and unreadable to any unwanted viewer who tries to access the data. Having encryption means that in the event of a breach or hacking, the protected client information remains safe. 

How can homecare agencies improve their security?

Generations Homecare System offers high-level encryption of your client’s data. You can feel rest assured that your client’s information has an added layer of protection. Using a secure, cloud-based system is one of the most advantageous decisions your agency can make for security, organization and efficacy.  

Have peace of mind knowing your agency has the secure tools in place to meet legal guidelines and provide trusted care. To learn more about the secure tools Generations Homecare System has to offer, visit our website using the button below. 

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