Accurate billing processes are vital for the success of any homecare agency. Stay organized and ensure your payments are processed in a timely manner using Generations Homecare System and its latest billing feature, accounts receivable. 

What is Accounts Receivable? 

Accounts receivable allows for simplified invoices and effective payment tracking. Easily manage any outstanding and paid invoices in one place to ensure streamlined and accurate billing. 

Can I Run Billing Reports in Generations? 

Generations offers a wide range of billing reporting functionality, including customizable reports. Customizable reports produce a detailed view of your agency’s billing records, ensuring your documents are up to date. 

How Do I Export Billing Data in Generations? 

Billing in Generations Homecare System allows agencies to directly export data to QuickBooks, your state’s aggregator, a clearinghouse of your choice, and now invoice using accounts receivable for straightforward and accurate billing. 

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