Software Update July 13, 2022

  • 837p claims fixes including HL01 out of sequence reported by agencies using Availity clearinghouse (GEN-1918).
  • Scheduling overnight shifts (GEN-1915).
  • Tellus – FL XML validation issues (GEN-1140).
  • iConnect FL ADP to place Group Notes with corresponding activity (GEN-1871).
  • Updating client address no longer updates prior schedule Geolocation (GEN-1194).
  • Sandata PA alt EVV provider recertification (GEN-1614).
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations.

Software Update June 30, 2022

  • New improved help system
  • Edit Range fix for exception that could occur when updating schedules (GEN-1849).
  • HHAX AR now auto formats modifiers (GEN-1756).
  • Client and caregiver notes tabs capability to attach to secondary callers (GEN-1185).
  • Netsmart /Tellus FL changes for new requirements (missed visits) (GEN-1379, GEN-1508).
  • 837p billing support for handling clients with services having different taxonomy codes (GEN-1592).
  • Sandata MO – location specific credentials (GEN-1230).
  • Missed visit app notification to not send for continuous shifts when caregiver is logged in (GEN-1389).
  • Carebridge NJ time fixes and optimizations (GEN-1599).
  • Support for Line 22 837p (GEN-1872).
  • HHAX V5 integration. Customers will be notified prior to being upgraded to v5.
  • Various performance optimizations.

Software Update June 1, 2022

  • Caregiver bonus support for weighted average calculation. To use, add a bonus in the Edit Timesheets | Other Expenses tab, and check the box to Include Total Cost in Weighted Average Calculation (GEN-1300).
  • Accepted shift request behavior in mobile app to be consistent with main site: to remove other request and turn schedule grey (GEN-1716).
  • Report writer formatting and filtering fixes (GEN-1742, GEN-1744).
  • PayPlus payroll export (GEN-1679).
  • Support for CMS1500 Line 22 resubmission in the 837p output (GEN-1728).
  • CMS485 Report – design fix for page break and duplication (GEN-1228).
  • HHAX-NJ fix for message: EVVMSID is not found (GEN-1474).
  • HHAX-PA fix for sending confirmed visits multiple times which could cause the invoice number to be removed from the billed visit (GEN-1598).
  • iConnect FL – added the xml extension to the file created via Export Visits (GEN-1737).
  • CarebridgeWY – Manual log in/out resolution code drop down not populating (GEN-1743).
  • Sandata RI – fix for pending items not sent with credentials provided are not valid message (GEN-1780).
  • HHAX WV fix for log tab not fully loading (GEN-1709).

Note: HHAX-PA fix for visit edit action/reason code is in progress. We did not receive notice of this change, and HHAX has removed the testing site for V4 implementation, creating additional challenges. We are going to be testing a fix today and will be communicating directly with customers affected as it is rolled out.

Software Update May 11, 2022

  • Sandata OH:  send Updated call times via adjusted times (GEN-1321).
  • Disable shift request notifications when shift is cancelled (GEN-1365).
  • Billing report by client optimization for large data range & data sets (GEN-1403).
  • Schedule Conflict Report fix for service order validations (GEN-1413).
  • IHSS Reporting updates for summarizing, removing date range validation, and updating service period value to ‘C’ (GEN-1505).
  • Caregiver Statistic reporting fixes for calculations (GEN-1577).
  • Authenticare-AR: fix for viewing validation report (GEN-1632)
  • HHAX-AL: fix for sending CST time zone instead of EST (GEN-1651).
  • Carebridge WY: visit not associated to a provider fix (GEN-1699).
  • HHAX (All States): remove comma and double quote from string data as HHAX system can’t process it (GEN-1713).
  • Other optimizations and minor fixes.

Software Update April 27, 2022

  • Carebridge interface – added Service Order validation to Edit Range (GEN-1266)
  • Carebridge AR – fix for selecting payor at interface tab (GEN-1484)
  • Tellus-VA – added continuous shift support. (GEN-1477)
  • Authenticare AR fixes: location filtering in the log tab, do not automatically send claim data when the ‘Automatically send completed invoices’ option is not selected in the Authenticare Settings tab (GEN-1550).
  • Caregiver app fix for viewing attached .doc and .docx care plan formats (GEN-1578)
  • iConnect FL interface – added Account Number field to Service List for mapping to VServiceID (GEN-1615)
  • iConnect FL interface – fix to respect units as designated in service order (GEN-1617)
  • Carebridge WY fix for date/time format (GEN-1645).
  • Carebridge WY fix to allow the agency to use their tasks list instead of the designated tasks (GEN-1633)
  • Show original times on  EVV schedules not working consistently (GEN-1546). Note that schedules created prior to this feature release in Feb 2022 may display the original time in some cases.
  • Fix for syntax error that could occur changing the payor on a signed schedule associated with Sandata interface (GEN-1607).
  • HHAX-AR Billing – fix to show submitted status message instead of the blank page.
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations

Software Update March 24, 2022

  • Wyoming interface with Carebridge (GEN-1219)
  • Florida interface for Iconnect Med Waiver Claims Submission (GEN-1011)
  • Billing export new available fields for service order notes, patient account number (26), payor id.
  • Carebridge NJ auto export fixes (GEN-1408)
  • Other misc fixes and optimizations.

Release Feb 22, 2022

  • Dashboard: Adding the option to see Completed Client Supervisory Visits (GEN-1396)
  •  EVV Telephony to specify why required task was not completed (GEN-1180)
  • Care Plan: Ability to Inactivate POC (GEN-1015)
  • New manual exceptions report (Reports->Schedules->Manual Exceptions Report) (GEN-1067)
  • Caregiver Other ID to allow dashes (GEN-1395)
  • Badge report option to meet PA state rules (GEN-1378)
  • Record mismatch in Schedules Conflict Report for Authenticare enabled agencies (GEN-1367)
  • Interface with HHAX: Removed state from exception email (GEN-1330)
  • Optimized sending of data on Sandata export page(GEN-1318 )
  • Carebridge visit status report – added visit status report data from SFTP to Carebridge log (GEN-1206)
  • Show originally scheduled times in EVV schedules (GEN-1007)
  • 837p to increment patient Id (add1, 2,3..) when patient Id repeats in claim file (GEN-1398)
  • Other fixes and optimizations (GEN-1402,GEN-1236,GEN-1032,GEN-1154,GEN-1438,GEN-1388)


Release Feb 9, 2022

  • Performance optimizations for service order reporting (GEN-1419)
  • HHAX NJ EVVMSID handling (GEN-1360, GEN-1422)
  • Update EVVMSID failure handling for HHAX API States (GEN-1400)
  • Sandata CT completed visit file is not available on the date selected (GEN-1267)
  • Sandata- WI export blank popup when provider Id is invalid (GEN-1371)
  • HHAX NJ/WV/AL fix for “101085 – Another Visit is using the same time in full or in part” after receiving the 500-InternalServerError from HHAX (GEN-1375)

Jan 19, 2022 Release

  • Alabama EVV Interface with HHAX (GEN-1176).
  • Carebridge Interface update to display errors in the interface Log page by periodically checking the files on their sftp site (GEN-1206).
  • Service order conflict could show false conflict when the same service order is scheduled multiple times in the same day (GEN-1225).
  • Increase Caregiver Other ID field to 50 characters (GEN-1229).
  • Require Service Orders to be entered on schedules associated with Carebridge payors. (NC, AR, NJ) (GEN-1163).
  • Fix for duplicate message when importing online application, and applicants already exists with same first and last name (GEN-1207).
  • Carebridge NJ billing to respect service order when set to 1 unit / hour (GEN-1264).
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations.

Dec 30, 2021 Release

New EVV Interfaces

  • Nebraska (Netmart/Tellus)
  • California (Sandata)

Other Items

  • New COVID-19 Vaccination reporting
  • Fixed issue in 837p billing where new claim was getting created every six service lines when using the option: Override 1a(Patient #),23(Auth #) and carrier using Service Order data.
  • Tellus GA billing change to send units as 1 unit/hour instead of 4 units/hour.
  • Client Time/Task Signature setting is not transferring to Caregiver Search.
  • Mapping Function Gives Error When Filtering for Map All.
  • Caregiver Vaccine type defaulting to Moderna.
  • Load balancer IP attached to customer audit user log in some instances.
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations.

Older Release Notes:

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