Touch ID Terms and Conditions

Touch ID Terms and Conditions

Touch/Face ID enables you to use biometric information to log in securely instead of entering your username and password.  Touch and Face ID is available to Generations users and is not available to agency clients and caregivers at this time.

Your username and password will not be stored on your device. By enabling Touch or Face ID, every person with an enrolled fingerprint or appearance on your device will have access to your Generations account. Therefore, you should only enable Touch or Face ID on a device you exclusively use. Touch and/or Face ID is not suitable for devices that are shared by more than one individual.

We suggest reviewing the enrolled fingerprints and appearances on your device prior to enabling Touch or Face ID. Fingerprints and appearances are only stored on your device and the Generations app does not see or store your fingerprint or appearance information during the authentication process. You are responsible for safeguarding your mobile device. The use of Touch and/or Face ID signifies you acknowledge these terms have been accepted by one or more of the persons who established the subject account with us. If you are not comfortable with these terms we suggest you not enable Touch/Face ID and resort to using your username and password to gain access to your account through this mobile device.

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