The Feature Your Caregivers and Schedulers Will Love: HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

Did you know that text messaging is neither a secure nor efficient way to communicate protected health information and, in fact, can lead to a number of serious problems for your homecare agency? Is your agency following best practices for HIPAA compliant communications?

Fortunately, Generations Homecare System includes Secure Messaging that you can trust. Clients have enjoyed this HIPAA compliant feature since 2018.

Generations clients asked for a straightforward tool for communicating in real-time across care teams, and we delivered. Secure Messaging in Generations makes it possible for schedulers and administrators to securely message directly with care teams from within Generations.

Homecare providers and care recipients benefit when care teams communicate in a streamlined and secure way.

How It Works:

  • Schedulers and administrators easily send updates to caregivers in the field.
  • Caregivers receive and respond to messages from schedulers and administrators via the Generations Homecare System Caregiver App.
  • All communication lives within Generations, making it an efficient and productive HIPAA compliant tool.

Plus, communication in real-time can lead to employee satisfaction and has been proven to improve client health outcomes.

This is one of the many communication features found in Generations. Download the guide to learn more.


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