The Generations sales team joined the marketing team for a brief Q&A about the features built into Generations that help providers stay connected, organized and safe. Watch the video below for highlights from their conversation.

What is your favorite feature to share during demonstrations?

Amanda: Scheduling

  • Scheduling in Generations is comprehensive yet simple to use. Easily manage schedules for caregivers or clients using multiple views – weekly, monthly, and grid views.

Hilary: Document Management

  • Document Management is a central and secure place to store and share critical company documents like policies and emergency plans. Read more about Document Management here.

Erica: Caregiver Search

  • Enhance continuity of care and Improve health outcomes by matching individuals receiving care to the right caregiver. Details on Caregiver Search and other features can be found in this Generations Informational Booklet.


Is there anything that the agencies you work with are surprised by?

Hilary: Document Management and online forms

  • Generations is full of features that help streamline document management. Online forms like the caregiver application and client inquiry feed directly into Generations and help providers move towards more a more secure and paperless work day.

Amanda: Unlimited support

  • Support is unlimited and available through LiveChat or phone. Absolutely no limits or hidden fees. Work with a one-on-one on-boarding specialist for easy setup. A dedicated Generations Success Manager will ensure your homecare team is using all of the essential tools in Generations.


What are the tools available in Generations that help care teams stay connected?

Erica: Secure Messaging

  • The entire care team can communicate with secure, HIPAA compliant, two way messaging. Read more about Secure Messaging here.


What are the features in Generations that help providers stay organized?

Amanda: The Call Center

  • The Call Center in Generations is central place for teams to track daily activities like referral visits, calls from clients or caregivers, or schedule changes.

Hilary: The mobile app, Electronic Visit Verification, and digital care plans and assessments

  • The Generations mobile app includes many features that help providers stay organized. Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) eliminates the need for paper time sheets and ensures care is always delivered. Digital care plans and digital assessments help streamline delivery on-boarding.


Generations Homecare System helps care teams stay connected, organized and safe. Schedule a demonstration, or reach us Live Chat to learn how Generations can help you improve care outcomes.