A sure way to level up your business is to upgrade your technology. You may be asking yourself what you should look for in a software solution for your business. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. Here are five components of a great software solution for your business: 

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1. Accuracy: Maintaining accurate and secure records is an extremely important element of your business as it allows for other processes to run smoothly. Look for a software solution that streamlines the scheduling process. Scheduling is often the driving force behind many businesses as it plays a key role in the billing and payroll processes. 

2. HIPAA Compliance: HIPAA compliance and keeping sensitive client information secure should be at the core of your business and everything you do. A digital solution like Generations Homecare System helps to ensure all Protected Health Information (PHI) is kept secure and organized.

3. Secure Communication: Secure communication tools help to keep homecare teams connected while improving care outcomes. Generations allows users to communicate in many different ways through tools like secure communication, the call center, visit notes, and more. Generations understands homecare providers are often on the go. This is why Generations provides many secure ways to communicate, meaning you never have to compromise between communication and security. 

4. Electronic Visit Verification: As state requirements for homecare funded by Medicaid continue to evolve it’s important to stay ahead. Generations EVV helps homecare teams streamline reimbursements, meet state requirements, receive real-time visit verification, and more. To learn more about EVV and how you can get started, read our recent blog post.

5. Recruitment & Retention: Look for a technology solution that your care team will love. Generations Homecare System offers three mobile apps that aim to help connect care teams, simplify daily tasks, and maintain compliance ensuring that the care provided is always at the forefront. Click here to learn more about the caregiver mobile app.

Finding the right technology solution for your business should be easy once you find one that prioritizes all of your needs. Watch the video below for more information on each of these topics.