What is Homecare Scheduling Software?

Homecare scheduling software helps homecare agencies virtually manage and create schedules for their caregivers to provide in-home services to their clients. Generations Homecare System provides its users with easy-to-use, comprehensive scheduling software built to simplify your daily operations and improve care outcomes.  

How Does Homecare Scheduling Software Work?

With Generations Homecare System, your office staff can conveniently utilize a computer, tablet, or phone to create and edit schedules. Both clients and caregivers can view their schedules through the user-friendly Generations mobile app.

Caregiver Search in Generations allows you to schedule clients with specific needs with caregivers who are qualified and available. Use this tool to ensure your clients and caregivers find their match made in homecare 

Do I Need Homecare Scheduling Software?

Investing in scheduling software is a highly valuable decision for your business. Scheduling software, like Generations Homecare System, allows your agency to stay organized, ensure HIPAA compliance, generate comprehensive reports, and improve care outcomes. Your office staff, caregivers, and clients will appreciate the reduced stress and increased productivity that come with implementing scheduling software.  

What Are the Different Uses for Homecare Scheduling Software?

Generations goes beyond caregiver scheduling by providing a suite of tools built to support your agency’s day to day operations. Generations Secure Messaging is designed to keep your care team connected throughout the day while maintaining HIPAA compliance.  

Generations Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) uses real-time GPS location-based services to verify the caregiver’s location during a visit. Generations EVV further helps to ensure that your agency meets state requirements while simplifying the reimbursement process.  

To learn more about these features and more information about Generations Homecare System, download the overview booklet below.