Software Update Nov 30, 2023

  • Payplus payroll interface (GEN-3859)
  • Paycom payroll interface (GEN-3744)
  • Optimization of restore schedules in IOS area (GEN-3533)
  • The custom filter now accurately applies the Type filter to the client list. (GEN-3798)
  • CMS1500 correctly obeying summarize daily by service when certain options are set (GEN-3830).
  • Resolved the redirect back to client page while approving or denying care notes and editing service orders (GEN-3523,3531)
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations (GEN-3662,3659,2541,3862,3868,3881)

Software Update Nov 16, 2023

  • Improved the situation where data from CMS485 was not correctly overflowing to the CMS487 in specific fields (GEN-3730).
  • Eliminated the validation of the diagnosis in Netsmart /Tellus when the payor is NDHH. (3643)
  • QuickBooks desktop optimizations for transferring Invoices and Timesheets. Requires version (GEN-3164).
  • Enhancement to the Carebridge AR interface with a “Filter by Client” feature for manual data exports to Carebridge (GEN-3646).
  • Carebridge AR log enhancement to show visits within last 365 days (GEN-3811)
  • HHAX-AR allow for re-submission without re-billing (GEN-3451)
  • Minor fixes and optimizations (GEN-2899,3371,3419,3471,3519,3535,3561,3603,3611,3654,3681,3687,3595,3658,3773,2985)

Software Update Nov 2, 2023

  • SMS and Message Center now include support for push notification (GEN-3047)
    • Note: Android users need to be updated to version 3.4.0, which should be rolling out on the app store throughout the day. IOS users do not need an app update.
  • Other expenses marked as ‘Payable’ on shifts where client is Travel Time Client were not consistently appearing on the Timesheet Summary by Payroll Items report (GEN-3174)
  • Diagnosis code added to service order for use with interfaces (Carebridge, Tellus, Therap, HHAX).
    • Note: A code added to the service order will take precedence over codes on the client profile (GEN-3259)
  • Fix for cannot adding cell carriers when others with same extension already exist (GEN-3695).
    • Note: this is only issue if not using SMS messaging.
  • Alert config display fix when over 100 configurations are enabled(GEN-3716)
  • Fix for alerts send for cancelled shifts (GEN-3726)
  • Feature to not confirm shifts if task or TTS alerts are present. Optionally, these options can be enabled in EVV under Company Settings. (GEN-2616)
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations

Software Update October 26, 2023

  • Fix for exception when using non numeric cancelled shift action codes (GEN-3709)
  • Sandata IN interface update to populate the Client Other Id  field from the Generations Medical Record # field (GEN-3718)
  • HHAX AL interface fix to send notes on billed visits when exception codes are present (GEN-3629)
  • Caregiver app fix for Enable Notification Box not closing on first login (GEN-3736)
  • Authenticare AR interface log not displaying info older than six months (GEN-3693)

Software Update October 4, 2023


  • New – Task Refused functionality for Generations EVV (GEN-1354).
  • New – Missed Logout Alert (GEN-1006)
  • AZ Sandata EVV fix to remove discontinued short visit exception code 20 (GEN-3384).
  • Sandata WI fix for client export (GEN-3385)
  • CMS485 report fix to display date by signature line (GEN-3390)
  • iConnect FL interface for APD (GEN-1993)
  • Required Missed Visit Fields for VNS EDI Providers (GEN-3521).
  • Other optimizations and updates (2542,2943,3402,3405,3410,3466,3469,3493,3526,3493,3526,3557,3617,3618,3095,2922,3667,3623,1006),

Software Update July 26, 2023

  • Mississippi Interface with HHAX initial release (GEN-3434).
  • Improved session expiration alert so users can select to continue working prior to auto logout (GEN-3100).
  • HHAX -WV fix for call type required when clock in/out type is offline (GEN-3418).
  • HHAX (All SFTP States: AR, FL, PA,NC,NY) to send submission type as blank when sending confirmed visit files (GEN-3394).
  • EVV details report to include missing login/logout when filtering the report to Not Acknowledged EVV Exceptions (GEN-3084).
  • Sandata AZ login exception change. Now, triggering the exception occurs when the call is after sixty minutes of the shift starting time (GEN-3382).
  • Caregivers can now view the POC after midnight on overnight shifts (GEN-3424).
  • Other fixes and optimizations (GEN-2940,3464,3113,3207,3364,2983,3288,3485,3478,3369,3440).

Release Notes June 29, 2023

  • Other expense report filter option by payor (GEN-3151).
  • Add client/caregiver names to EVV Calls in mobile app (GEN-3145).
  • Timesheet report option to include notes (GEN-3129).
  • Ability to download voice signatures (GEN-3011).
  • Caregiver electronic badge in mobile app (GEN-3138).
  • Add EVV aggregator name to reason code list (GEN-3159).
  • Authenticare interface – added date range to exported date on log tab (GEN-3062).
  • Added 2023 version Diagnosis Code Version (GEN-3260).
  • HHAX files are downloadable from the Interface>Log Tab>File Name column (GEN-2915).
  • Days to complete tasks after visit now follows same time limitations as  charting and visit notes. (GEN-1514).
  • Self-Directed Care option is restricted to agencies using Generations EVV (GEN-3377).
  • Sandata WI fix for the visit contains exception acknowledgements for exceptions that cannot be acknowledged message (GEN-3387).
  • Badge formatting improvement (GEN-3311).
  • Printing grid view respects minutes formatting option (GEN-3223).
  • Include filter in report headers for Caregiver Reminders Report/ Caregiver In-Services Report (GEN-2935).
  • Other fixes and optimizations.

Release Notes June 13, 2023

New EVV for Self Directed Care


  • Washington State EVV export updates to new specification (GEN-3225).
  • Client Service order tab now displays service orders with assigned status of active by default (GEN-2415).
  • Push notification fixes on Android 12+ devices (GEN-2975). Requires app version 3.3.8.
  • Carebridge AR offload processing to background (GEN-2991).
  • Carebridge resubmit fix (GEN-3177)
  • Changing service order removes tasks fix (GEN-3027).
  • Sandata-MO task data transmissions (GEN-3107).
  • Import EVV file to respect auto confirm setting (GEN-3228).
  • HHAX fix to send null instead of empty string value when HHAX Admission ID does not exists (GEN-3298).
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations (3176,1124,1637,1957,2576,2704,3057,3059,3060,3076,3137,3171,3258,3263,3329,3291).

Software Update May 11, 2023

  • Formatting improvements in Service Order report header (GEN-1748).
  • Sandata interface change sending data in fields AdjInDateTime and AdjOutDateTime. Change is to send data in this field only when the call type is Manual.  Previously, all shifts included the rounded time in this field (GEN-2690).
  • Caregiver Search – added additional Column Chooser options for additional fields (GEN-2806).
  • QB Desktop invoice transfer: added additional space between the invoice line description and the invoice line notes (GEN-2833).
  • EVV mileage report not exporting to Excel (GEN-2982).
  • Sandata-MO Task Data not Transmitting (GEN-3107).
  • Caregiver Search – fixes to the save and load search functions (GEN-3120).
  • Service Order Authorization Report optimizations (GEN-3136).
  • HHAX-PA fix for error14, occurring when caregiver number has leading zeros (GEN-3052).
  • Billing Report Optimizations (GEN-3124).
  • Online Forms email alerts to include contact fields (GEN-3044).
  • No Matching Schedule ID fix for Sandata CT (GEN-1460).
  • Fix for auto-fill populating client initial contact email field (GEN-3157).
  • HHAX-WV does not send visits successfully fixes (GEN-2896).
    • The Office Qualifier sends as “NPI”.
    • Provider ID sending order is as follows: Provider ID assigned to the service order (if present), location specific Provider ID, Company Settings Provider ID.
  • Other fixes and optimizations.

Software Update April 18, 2023

  • Mass Update option to close Reminders and Call Center items (GEN-2712).
  • Message Center performance improvements (GEN-3035,3065,3086).
  • Security Management performance improvements (GEN-3115).
  • Client Retention Report: added Status column (GEN-1532).
  • Mass Update Payroll Items: fixed entry in rate of pay field (GEN-1630).
  • Edit Schedule option to cancel a range of shifts (GEN-1658).
  • App option to view password when typing in app (GEN-2445).
  • Timesheet report optimized the spacing to reduce length (GEN-2665).
  • Mobile App Shift Request: Alert office when rescheduling a shift to a caregiver had previously cancelled. (GEN-2731).
  • Cancelled Shift report run from Dashboard not respecting dashboard filters (GEN-2769).
  • Missed Visit Alert: brought back client phone number in alert message (GEN-2709).
  • Payor-Client list respect active client filter (GEN-2980).
  • Calendar Show Service Order Details option now only considers Active service orders (GEN-2672).
  • Service Order Authorizations (Violations Only) report now includes the amount of violation (GEN-2676).
  • Authenticare AR to require caregiver State License # and client service order Provider ID (GEN-2477).
  • Carebridge Log: removed visits from log shown as deleted when agency inactivates the payor (GEN-2908).
  • Sandata interface fix for credentials provided are not valid for provider message (GEN-3022).
  • HHAX Interface (All States): Added client filter in Main tab (GEN-2874).
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations (GEN-2628, 2663,2775,2937,3010,3110,2606,2906,3025).

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