General Features

  • Completed Schedules and Tasks report now only displays a signature line only if the specific signature is enabled on the schedule
  • Copy Schedules for entire week updated so you can specify every X weeks
  • Caregivers can now view service short description if your agency enables this in Company Settings | Web Portal
  • Payroll Export – ability to break out OT and HOL rate/hours into their own columns (Payroll Export Config)
  • ACA Measurement Report – ability to exclude caregivers that didn’t work from appearing on the report and added performance optimizations
  • Missed visit alert app notifications no longer sends alerts for continuous shifts that are in progress
  • Report Writer – updated reporting control for usability and performance
  • Message Center – change to show only active users by default with the option to show inactive users
  • Calendar Report – option to include payor when grouped by client
  • Control to prevent signed shifts from being changed to Available when entering Absences
  • Improved Reset Password Page / Process
  • Mobile App calendar view now displays and enables editing of schedule details directly from the calendar page
  • Misc performance and stability improvements
  • Voice Signature – increased time client has to record a voice signature from 15 to 45 seconds

HHAX Interface (Applies to customers located in PA and FL)

  • Removed leading zeroes from caregiver SSNs as leading zero’s cause import issues with HHAX on the caregiver ID field
  • Removed invoice line item ID (per HHAX request) from HHAX billing export
  • Added a control to prevent edits to schedules from being sent to HHAX after that schedule has been billed
  • Added the file name the data was sent within the HHAX Log