This release includes minor fixes, features, and optimizations.


  • 382224 Call center email notifications fix for blank note type when caller type is set to other.
  • 408712 UB04 pre-printed form fix for alignment of state and zip code.
  • 408808 Fixed issue where some caregivers wouldn’t see all schedules in the mobile app monthly view.
  • 408352 Available Shifts on the app not respecting the setting of abbreviate names.
  • 404723 Service Order new time-spans for specific days of the week.
  • 349345 Online application (office user view) page has column chooser.
  • 403189 Call center now will prompt to notify all users in the notification list when the record is updated.
  • 406283 Projected Billing Report filter by payor.
  • 508538 Mobile app display the plan of care in reverse order fix.
  • 404627 Email option for Generations invoices.
  • 258649 Calendar reports option to display interruptions of service for clients or absences for caregivers.
  • 408469 Office user can enable/disable available shift popups in user settings.
  • Other fixes and optimizations.

Cancelled Shifts

  • 408523 Removed sending cancelled shifts in daily schedule reminders.
  • 406828 Added reason and action to cancelled shift report and report writer.
  • 408710 Cancelled shifts handling in create timesheets.
  • 408528 Caregiver mini schedule will not include cancelled shifts when the option is checked.
  • 408517 Telephony Schedules now has the option to show color coding so you can easily identify different shift status including cancelled.
  • 408526 App notification is now sent to the caregiver as well as client and client contacts if applicable when a shift is cancelled.
  • 408698 Do not show Cancelled Shifts on Available Shift report
  • 408476 monthly view calendar print, cancelled shifts show up