State Interface Updates

  • Misc fixes to HHAX, Sandata, and DMAS90 interfaces.
  • Interface with Tellus is in progress. Tellus primarily is in Florida but appears to be contracting out with different providers in various states.
  • Arkansas Total Care is utilizing HHAX. Generations already interfaces with HHAX.
  • Sandata interface changes
    • Payor field for State EVV ID which is used now instead of the payor name field. If your agency uses the same payor for multiple programs you will need to create different payor for each program.
    • Previously, a single code could be assigned to the payor. Now, multiple codes can be assigned to the client based on the payor. These codes represent procedures that are authorized by the payor for the client.

Assign procedure codes by payor the client is authorized to receive

New ER visit tracking and improved hospitalization tracking

  • Enter the last hospital or ER visit prior to the start of care on the client personal data page.

  • Record hospitalizations and ER visits on the client Interruptions of Service page.

  • Hospital and ER Visit Detail Report

  • Hospital and ER Visit Summary Report

Note: Hospital 30 day re-admission report has been renamed Hospitalizations and ER Visits.

  • Interruption of Service report
    • Shows ER Visits
    • Improved formatting

837p Updates – Payor Page

Required for DMAS medicaid billing. These options are generally not required elements for most billing scenarios but can be enabled as required on the payor page.

  • Include client address in service loop 2420G/H
  • Include CG name and NPI in service loop 2420D
  • Provider Commercial # (G2)

Mobile Updates

  • View Available Shifts menu on office user app.

Other Updates

  • 357485 Report writer – added last visit completed filter to client and caregiver supervised visit reports
  • 372501 Added status filter to Time-sheet Detail and Summary reports.
  • 380281 Removed zip plus 4 digits from home screen Mapping to Google maps as it caused issues with the map display.
  • 416926 Remove pending shift requests when caregiver is inactivated
  • 406442 Add alert information to report writer / column and client column chooser
  • 416666 Office User App:  Ability to View Available Shifts
  • 417387 Washington Export: GPS to include 5 digits after decimal
  • 417432 DMAS90 – Weekly Comments or Observations Check Boxes Should be Yes/No
  • 417768 ADP export additional options
    • Assign flat-rate 3rd party code/hours to Hours 3 Code/Amount. When checked flat-rate service codes will show on ‘Hours 3 Code’ and amount in ‘Hours 3 Amount’. This option is set on the Payroll Export page.
    • ADP Export: Include in Adjusted Ded. Setup on the service code page. Other expenses having this checkbox selected will show a negative value for the expense in the ADP report.
  • 410241 HHAX Overnight shift is not splitting like it should
  • 417839 Fixed issue that could cause client record to appear multiple times in the client list
  • 387939 Travel time page now displays minutes between shifts
  • 416882 Override Paychex Flex pay component with service description option on paychex export
  • 372501 Time-sheet detail caregiver status filter
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations.