New year, more powerful tools for your homecare agency.


This is part one of a two-part series about the latest technology releases from Generations Homecare System…

The latest round of new technology features were added to Generations to great success. (Did you miss last year’s releases? Click here to read about the tools for readmission tracking that were added to the system late last year.)


Homecare Software for Private Duty Agencies

The winter 2020 release largely focused on software features and functionality that impact security and billing. Scroll through this blog for details. 

“Only 36% of baby boomer caregivers believe they will need long-term care services themselves—but their actual chance of needing care is 70%, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. When the time comes to receive long-term care, 65% want to stay in their current home.” – HomeCare

In an ever-changing and rapidly growing industry, we see results by thinking ahead. We build the tools that will help clients meet their strategic goals while moving into the future. We think you will like what you read!

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  • New Security Features 
  • New Billing Reports 
  • New Completed Schedules and Tasks Report for billing to multiple payors 
  • New Electronic Visit Verification updates 


Let’s break it down.



As a leading homecare software company dedicated to system security, we make it a priority to include a security feature in our releases. 

The winter 2020 release included additional permissions in the Generations system, giving administrators even more agency over their security settings. Administrators can now automatically re-enable user accounts that have been locked due to the use of incorrect login credentials.

We’ve all been there! Too many login attempts can mean a delay in logging in to your systems. This is not the case with Generations, thanks to the new permissions we’ve added.

In addition, we’ve added a “Deny” option for shift requests. This is a follow-up to the popular shift request functionality we introduced in Generations in the summer of 2019. 

The “Deny” option helps agencies keep record of work refusals and is useful for employee evaluations. Additionally, this information can be helpful should fraudulent unemployment claims arise.



Generations is intuitive enough for the homecare agency owner with one location and powerful enough to support franchisors with multiple locations around the world.

To help agency owners and administrators manage their business efficiently, we have added the Billing Report by Location Summary to Generations. This new feature helps agencies with many locations run sophisticated global reports, giving them access to the bigger picture in just a couple of clicks.



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Stay tuned for part two of this series, in which we cover the new Completed Schedules and Tasks Report for billing to multiple payors and Electronic Visit Verification updates.

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