New Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) and reporting tools. Homecare scheduling software for private duty agencies.



This is part two of a two-part series about the latest technology releases from Generations Homecare System…

The latest round of new technology features were added to Generations Homecare System to great success. (Did you miss last year’s releases? Click here to read about the tools for readmission tracking that were added to the system late last year.)


Homecare Software for Private Duty Agencies

The winter 2020 release largely focused on software features and functionality that impact security and billing. Scroll through this post for details.

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  • Security Features – click here to read about these features in part one of our two-part blog series 
  • Billing Reports – click here to read about these reports in part two of our two-part blog series
  • Completed Schedules and Tasks Report for billing to multiple payors 
  • EVV updates 


Let’s break it down.


How do homecare and private duty agencies keep track of the information needed for billing individual payers? Look no further than the new Completed Schedules and Tasks report from Generations.

We listened to our clients and heard them when they asked for ways to keep up with the variety of parameters set by individual payors such as Medicaid.

So, we added a filter to the billing report in Generations to streamline reporting based. The Completed Schedules and Task report within Generations Homecare System is just one option that homecare agencies have for sharing service information with payors. Generations is equipped with the technology needed to handle most requests from payors. 


electronic billing and homecare reimbursement article

using electronic systems for faster turnaround time and more potential revenue


Generations assists providers in streamlining the homecare reimbursement process.  


As part of our ongoing mission to help homecare agencies in the United States meet new EVV rules, Generations has introduced new EVV solutions for homecare agencies in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Read about them below.

  • Generations adapted the DMAS-90 reporting for Virginia homecare agencies and streamlined electronic signature captures as part of the newest round of releases. 
  • Homecare agencies that use Generations in Pennsylvania can now bill to Medicaid with Sandata, HHAeXchange or both, depending on their payor.
    • Homecare agencies in Pennsylvania: you must have EVV in place by April 1, 2020. Failure to be in compliance on and after April 1 could, at a minimum, result in denial of claims and, on the other end of the spectrum, mean termination from the Virginia Medicaid program entirely.

You can read more about our ongoing work related to Electronic Visit Verification by visiting the EVV section of our website.



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