Caregiver Screening Functionality Now Available

Screening High-Level Overview

Screening enables your agency to establish a set of questions the caregiver is required to complete before starting their shift. If the caregiver fails to answer any of the questions correctly, they are considered to have failed the screening and will be shown or read an agency defined message. If the caregiver fails screening, they will not be able to login and your staff can be alerted.

Caregiver screening is a new module that is tightly coupled with Generations Telephony. 

Screening Highlights

  • Your agency enables screening, and customizes the questions and other settings in Company Settings | Telephony | Screening.
  • Caregivers are required to complete the questions prior to logging into their shift. Using the app, caregivers must complete the screening at the time of login or prior as defined by the agency.  When using telephony, the caregiver is screened on the login call.
  • Agency staff can monitor screening status real-time on the Telephony Schedules page. Note: be sure to add the CG Screening column to the page using the column chooser. 
  • Failed screening alerts are sent to the agency based on the telephony alert list settings.
  • The new screening tab on edit schedules includes screening details, as well as the ability to override the overall screening result.  You may need to override the result if a caregiver answered a question incorrectly by mistake.  Caregivers are not able to login if the screening result is in failed status.  Note the individual question results cannot be changed.
  • When a caregiver fails screening, an agency defined message is provided to them.
  • New screening report with summary and detail options.
  • When scheduling, a warning is given if the caregiver had a failed screening on their most recent screening result.

For more information on caregiver screening please review the help documentation at: https://help.idb-sys.com/html5/EVV_Screening.htm.

For additional tips and tricks on how your agency can leverage Generations visit our resource page at https://www.homecaresoftware.com/generations-blog/.

Other Fixes

  • Document Management permissions fix.
  • Fixes to summarizing option in 837P.
  • Fix for opening attachments in iPad.