Release this week consists of fixes and minor improvements.

  • 424475 Mobile App will now auto save visit note progress if connection is lost.
  • 421866 Prevented moving schedules to a different day having login/logout.
  • 422383 Caregiver Vacations and Absences Report to include time.
  • 422892 Visit History Tab: removed cancelled shifts from totals.
  • 423451 Improvement to message users get if auto logged out due to inactivity.
  • 426461 Illinois billing export missing file extension fix.
  • 426475 Fix for time update with offline mode visit matching.
  • 426856 Screening question alerts to correct location fix.
  • 426887 Quick Confirm fix on scheduling grid for shifts missing EVV data.
  • 426902 RI Sandata provider ID field expanded to 10 digits.
  • 427031 Caregiver History tab printing fix.
  • 423758 Deleted signature now obeys scheduling group permissions instead of admin.
  • 426907 Authenticare import fixes.
  • Other fixes and optimizations.