New Features / Optimizations
  • 424691 Address On Calendar Mouse Over (need to enable this in display options on the calendar).
  • 422398 Completed Schedules and Tasks Report: Filter to exclude Available Shifts
  • 424877 Telephony: Allow CG to retry GPS up to 5 consecutive times if they can not get a location within the required distance.
  • 423246 Call center optimization / loading.
Bug Fixes
  • 427239 Client visit history can show incorrect results if cancelled shift indicator is null.
  • 427759 Paycheck Protection FTE Report is Including canceled shifts.
  • 427486 App Message center fix for No Caregivers in Selected Criteria that can occur when a user doesn’t have access to any classes.
  • 427109 Tab order fix in call center page
  • CMS1500 / 837P
    • 427021 837p now displays Auth # from service order if the option “Override 1a(Patient #, 23 (Auth #), and carrier using service order data” option is selected.
      • Note, this option will create a separate 837p for each service order.
    • 422895 Allow agency to use SSN instead of Tax ID in line 25.
  • 422083 Online Forms Permissions
    • Changed access to be based on caregiver permissions for applicants and client permissions for service inquiry (instead of requiring admin).
  • 427449 Cancel schedule issue when SSN is alphanumeric.
  • 427247 Payroll Export not sorting out Location ID when selected.
  • 427346 Schedule: Caregiver/Client drop-downs not considering time format setting in company setting.
  • 427307 Updated pages to use new live chat link.
  • 426699 Audit trail changed to reflect actual user instead of “Manual” when adding manual login or logout.
  • 426905 DMAS90 report/display to be alphabetical to mirror the form.
  • 427062 Report Writer: Referral Sources table – Added Location ID field to column chooser.
  • 425067 Sandata Ohio – Missing Service/Time Exceptions due to continuous shifts.
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations.