Minor update this week.

  • Completed Schedules and Tasks Report
    • 428197 Added Caregiver Screening option to Completed Schedules and Tasks Report.
    • 427773 Added third signature Line as nurse signature is required in some areas.
    • 428209 Fixed issues where signatures may not display under some circumstances.
  • CMS1500 / 837P
    • 429484 837p misc fixes.
    • 426683 837P Support for taxonomy codes in 2420A Loop.
      • Use when payor requires services to have taxonomy codes.
      • Taxonomy codes are entered in the service list.
      • Enable the use of taxonomy codes at the payor level.
  • Other Misc fixes and optimizations
    • 428240 HHAX interface – remove double-quotes entered in name fields as it causes problem with HHAX processing.
    • 428239 Support for Ireland EIR Codes.
    • 428001 Unable to change caregiver on travel time schedule.
    • 427316 Gold bar around confirmed shifts in monthly view.
    • Other logging and internal optimizations.