Task Notes (353698)

  • Caregivers can add notes to tasks they did not complete for documentation (ex. Client Refused). Office staff can optionally display these notes on the completed schedules and tasks report.

General Updates

  • 432011 New Service order report option: Units Remaining Summary.
  • 427263 CG file doesn’t save changes – Random issue.
  • Several performance improvements and optimizations.
  • 427289 Report Writer & Caregiver List Column Chooser to include Exempt FTE and Weight Limit.
  • 433196 EVV missed visit alerts occurring early that time interval specified.
  • 433221 UB04 splitting client claims to multiple pages (printed version).
  • 433166 CMS1500 summarize daily by service formatting issues.
  • 432874 App Reviews App Crashing (found and fixes some instances where this could occur when losing internet connection).


State EVV Updates

  • 431975 AR-AuthentiCare Interface: Misc changes.
  • 432916 Sandata NC to send modifier values ( service service_id is expected exception).
  • 433112 Tellus VA: Not able to resend visits already accepted.
  • 433128 Remove exceptions 28, 39, 40 can from Sandata PA.
  • 433121 Sandata CO exception: Visit adjusted times without visit log.
  • 432759 Feature Sandata Ability to Re Submit Single Shift Manual Push at Interface.
  • 433138 Optum MA export fixes.
  • 432427 Tellus VA Error “MRTH SRVC 000 Invalid Visit Already Completed In System” .