State EVV Fixes

  • 432280 Arkansas (Authenticare) – added ability to transmit more than 100 records at a time.
  • 433230 Arkansas (HHAX) – mapping additional field for client diagnosis and others.
  • 432903 Maine (Sandata) – removed exceptions 39 (client signature) and 28 (visit verification).
  • 432944 New Jersey (HHAX) – both schedules had to be confirmed in order to export visit.
  • 433610 New Jersey (HHAX) – added logic to prevent file for being sent multiple times.
  • 433041 Colorado (Sandata) – Validation while exporting when the provider ID assigned to the service order is invalid.
  • 433182 Ohio (Sandata) – remove exceptions 28 (visit verification), 39 (client signature), 40 (service verification) for DODD payor.
  • 433287 All (Tellus) – Ability to mass update visit IDs.
  • 432905 Wisconsin (Sandata) – fix for issue where some client exports would stay in pending status.
  • 431396 Illinois (Sandata) – added the ability to assign a service code for client procedure from the client personal data page.
  • 433148 Arizona (Sandata) – fix for exceptions that could occur when sending visits.

Misc Fixes and optimizations

  • 432899 Duplicate caregiver profile display.
  • 433254 Unable to add exceptions when continuous shift series has over 100 schedules.
  • 433116 Letter Writer sending fixes for source types of referrals, physicians, case managers.
  • 433198 Removed permission to see caregivers in scheduling lists and rates when user does not have access to the class.
  • 433201Caregivers able to login on cancelled shift via telephony fix.
  • 433478 Enable notes for in-completed tasks option (Company Settings | Web Portal).
  • 433598 Fixed issue tasks getting removed when updating from Task link button on schedule.
  • 433217 Client Hospitalization Report fix for percentages when agency has multiple locations.