General Updates

  • Report Writer – add clients service order source table (378689)
  • Offline mode fix for issue that could cause data not to sync correctly (434608)
  • Offline mode updates for location accuracy (434610)
  • Mobile app scheduling now includes functionality for enabling or disabling Time and Task Signature (432512)
  • COVID-19 tracking now includes fields for tracking booster shots (434960)
  • UB04 now will include other expenses when selected (434544)
  • Continuous shift functionality optimizations (433176)

Offline mode updates (434608,434610) require new app versions which will be available this week once the apps are approved through Google Play and IOS.  Android version: 3.3.4, IOS version: 3.4.1.

State EVV Updates

  • Arkansas (Authenticare) validation for worker ID prior to claim submission (435145)
  • Arkansas (Authenticare) – added sftpErrorData to log tab for troubleshooting (434880)
  • New Jersey (Carebridge) – functionality for specifying NPI by payor (434808)
  • HHAX to include visit edit reason/action if login does not have GPS coordinates (434752)
  • Georgia (Tellus) – increase character limit for payor program field(434262)
  • Tellus interface retry logic for files containing invalid XML from Tellus (433193)
  • New Jersey (HHAX) – task and EVV fixes (434649,435019)
  • Georgia (Tellus) modification to send jurisdiction and round invoice units (434775)
  • EVV details report fixes for unacknowledged exceptions (434647)
  • Maine (Sandata) optimizations (434468)
  • Idaho (Sandata) – enable continuous shift functionality (434998)
  • Sandata interface column for request ID (All states) (433732)
  • Other misc fixes and optimizations