• Alabama EVV Interface with HHAX (GEN-1176).
  • Carebridge Interface update to display errors in the interface Log page by periodically checking the files on their sftp site (GEN-1206).
  • Service order conflict could show false conflict when the same service order is scheduled multiple times in the same day (GEN-1225).
  • Increase Caregiver Other ID field to 50 characters (GEN-1229).
  • Require Service Orders to be entered on schedules associated with Carebridge payors. (NC, AR, NJ) (GEN-1163).
  • Fix for duplicate message when importing online application, and applicants already exists with same first and last name (GEN-1207).
  • Carebridge NJ billing to respect service order when set to 1 unit / hour (GEN-1264).
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations.