• Caregiver bonus support for weighted average calculation. To use, add a bonus in the Edit Timesheets | Other Expenses tab, and check the box to Include Total Cost in Weighted Average Calculation (GEN-1300).
  • Accepted shift request behavior in mobile app to be consistent with main site: to remove other request and turn schedule grey (GEN-1716).
  • Report writer formatting and filtering fixes (GEN-1742, GEN-1744).
  • PayPlus payroll export (GEN-1679).
  • Support for CMS1500 Line 22 resubmission in the 837p output (GEN-1728).
  • CMS485 Report – design fix for page break and duplication (GEN-1228).
  • HHAX-NJ fix for message: EVVMSID is not found (GEN-1474).
  • HHAX-PA fix for sending confirmed visits multiple times which could cause the invoice number to be removed from the billed visit (GEN-1598).
  • iConnect FL – added the xml extension to the file created via Export Visits (GEN-1737).
  • CarebridgeWY – Manual log in/out resolution code drop down not populating (GEN-1743).
  • Sandata RI – fix for pending items not sent with credentials provided are not valid message (GEN-1780).
  • HHAX WV fix for log tab not fully loading (GEN-1709).

Note: HHAX-PA fix for visit edit action/reason code is in progress. We did not receive notice of this change, and HHAX has removed the testing site for V4 implementation, creating additional challenges. We are going to be testing a fix today and will be communicating directly with customers affected as it is rolled out.