• Sandata MO: Added field ClientBirthDate (required as of Oct 10, 2022) and Visit Memo increased to 1024 characters (GEN-2046).
  • Tellus log usability improvements including client filter, freeze column headers, improvements to column chooser and date filter (GEN-1823).
  • ADP Export – fix for order of columns (GEN-2071).
  • Tellus GA log optimizations (GEN-2074).
  • HHAX PA fix for for invoicing (blank page issue) (GEN-102).
  • Option to remove question mark for unconfirmed shifts on Calendar Reports run from Monthly/Weekly view of schedules (GEN-2107).
  • HHAX PA fix for visits seen a duplicated on log from end of August (GEN-2149).
  • Fix to allow non-medicaid visits to utilize continuous shifts in agencies having Santrax OH enabled (GEN-2072)