Charting Enhancements

  • New instruction text areas associated with the note. The instructions appear for the caregiver on the mobile app and also print on the charting report (GEN-2053). See details in Help.
  • Description field is renamed to Title (GEN-2053).
  • Option to remove client signature when printing the charting report (GEN-2066).
  • Charting Management page improvements to retain position when editing and closing notes (GEN-2398).
  • Charting report formatting improvements (GEN-2399,GEN-2404).
  • Notifications bar now includes care/wound notes last 7 days and last 24 hours (GEN-2400). See details in Help.
  • Added more prominent notification to caregiver that the note cannot be edited after signing (GEN-2458).
  • Remove denied care and wound notes from the signature required area in the caregiver mobile app (GEN-2461).

Other Features and fixes

  • Enable caregivers to add notes on completed tasks (GEN-2409)
  • Client Statistics report breaks down total client hours by Confirmed, Un-confirmed, Cancelled, and Available Shifts (GEN-2384).
  • Scheduled Hours in Dashboard now excludes cancelled shifts (GEN-2381).
  • QB Billed (QBB) checkbox to show on reports (GEN-2444).
  • QB Billed (QBB) checkbox added to timesheets page (GEN-2551). See details in Help.
  • QB invoicing option to separate invoices by services and caregiver¬† (GEN-2480). Requires app update for QB Desktop users. See details in Help here and here
  • Caregiver App supports Russian language (GEN-2436).
  • CMS1500 printed form not respecting the “Rec’d Timecards Only” report parameter (GEN-1283).
  • Client notes section can now be expanded with editing (GEN-1919).
  • Gross profit report fix where amounts could differ slightly from Billing Report by Client (GEN-2536).
  • Print schedule from caregiver and client portal fix (GEN-2554).
  • Schedule break can’t be created for overnight schedule (GEN-2555).
  • Message Center optimization (GEN-2571).
  • Manual exceptions report no longer requires selecting caregiver (GEN-2645).
  • Other minor fixes and optimizations.

State EVV and Other Interfaces

  • Carebridge NC updates for 2023 (GEN-2515).
  • Therap interface report fixes for field formatting and format to use .xlsx (GEN-2310).
  • Improvements to AR Authenticare resubmit logic when resubmitting claims from log page (GEN-2427).
  • Sandata (MO) update to use credentials first based on Provider ID assigned to service order (GEN-2481).
  • HHAX fix for error “387:Userfield 2 is incorrect/blank…”. Resolved by adding “other” to user fields 1 and 2 when using offline login/logout (GEN-2612).
  • Sandata fix for incorrect location format (GEN-2641).