• New – Task Refused functionality for Generations EVV (GEN-1354).
  • New – Missed Logout Alert (GEN-1006)
  • AZ Sandata EVV fix to remove discontinued short visit exception code 20 (GEN-3384).
  • Sandata WI fix for client export (GEN-3385)
  • CMS485 report fix to display date by signature line (GEN-3390)
  • iConnect FL interface for APD (GEN-1993)
  • Required Missed Visit Fields for VNS EDI Providers (GEN-3521).
  • Other optimizations and updates (2542,2943,3402,3405,3410,3466,3469,3493,3526,3493,3526,3557,3617,3618,3095,2922,3667,3623,1006),